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Watch as fan gives Ed Woodward a wet willy in a pub leaving Man Utd chief stunned ahead of Astana clash

MANCHESTER UNITED chief executive Ed Woodward was left stunned when a supporter walked up to him in a bar and gave him a “wet willy”.

The underfire supremo was playing pool on Tuesday with pals ahead of United’s Europa League clash against Astana in Kazakhstan today.

But as he relaxed with a drink in hand, a United supporter walked over to him, licked his finger and stuck it in his ear.

Woodward, who earns £4m a year, reacted angrily to the incident, which was filmed by another fan from across the bar.

The video was posted online by a fan called “Gaz”, who wrote: “Ed Woodward playing pool in the bar here, United lad just walked over and gave him a wet willy.

“The respect @AslamRoger shows the lad taking his shot first, then strikes…”

The video has been viewed more than 56,000 times and has been "liked" almost 2,000 times.

One fan said: “Ask him why Ole has a thin squad and what’s he going to do about it in jan and summer?”

Another said: “Tell him to get Poch in.”

But another supporter said: “It’s a bit out of order, to be honest. Ed goes to games, he doesn’t hide away and he has to put up with some guy doing that in the bar when he’s minding his own business?”

Woodward, 48, has heavily criticised by fans in recent years for the lack of success at Old Trafford since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013.

The former accountant has been accused of putting profits over performance on the pitch and overseeing several disastrous transfers including that of Alexis Sanchez, currently on loan at Inter Milan.

Last month the chief executive denied the commercial side of the club had overtaken the importance of the football, describing it as a “myth”. 

He spoke out just days before fans charted a plane over Old Trafford prior to the Liverpool game carrying a banner which read: “Ed still failing - Woodward out!”

In a recent interview with fanzine United We Stand, Woodward revealed he goes to "90-95 per cent" of all games, adding: “I’m gutted when we lose a game, I don’t sleep."

The fan who confronted Woodward was named on Twitter as plastering business owner Roger Aslam, who lives near Reading.

Man Utd fans call for Ed Woodward to leave after chartering plane to fly banner over Old Trafford

Mr Aslam, replying to the tweet of the video, said: "Ffs ads I'm out of control."

A pal wrote: “Rodge is a barmy c*** mate.”

Another said: “Can’t stop laughin.”

Sir Alex Ferguson and Ed Woodward have heated discussion ahead of Man United clash with Sheffield United

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