The UK could be hit with another heatwave later this month thanks to high pressure that will drive in a warm, tropical air mass.

Forecasters have said there are "encouraging" signs that the weather will heat up by the middle of August and through the second half of the month.

Initially the nation will continue to experience unsettled, cooler, and wetter weather before temperatures rise due to high pressure being pushed in from the Mediterranean Sea.

The UK should experience drier weather which will also bring in the tropical air mass and if the high pressure lingers, Brits could enjoy a second heatwave as seen last month.

Temperatures could rise up to 30C, which is a welcomed change from the current showers and thunderstorms.

Temperatures could rise up to 30C (



According to the BBC forecast there is a 30-35% chance of this happening.

The Met Office is predicting the weather will improve around August 15.

It said: “It will turn settled, though a few showers cannot be ruled out, especially in south eastern areas.

“This will bring drier weather, with sunny spells for most through to mid-August and temperatures trending above average.”

The weather should improve from August 15 (


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But before the warmer temperatures strike, there is more wet weather ahead for the coming couple of weeks due to a low pressure.

“We anticipate low pressure will be in charge across northern Europe for the next few weeks, keeping the UK weather unsettled, wetter, and cooler than normal for late summertime,” said the Met Office.

Forecasters had issued a thunderstorm warning for England and Wales today, with up to two inches of rain expected in places.

The UK should experience drier weather (



They predicted flooding as part of the alert, which is in force until 11pm this evening.

Earlier today the Met Office said people should expect "some heavy, and perhaps thundery, showers" with rainfall breaking out across England and Wales.

In its long term forecast up until to Friday, meteorologists said: "Showers or longer spells of rain each day for most areas, these occasionally heavy and thundery, and accompanied by hail."

The miserable outlook comes after Storm Evert battered parts of the country last week, producing ferocious gusts of winds close to 70mph across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.