River City's Stephen Purdon has revealed Walter Smith once pulled him up for ruining his Tuesday night in front of the TV.

The actor recalled how the Rangers legend made a beeline for him ahead of a charity match as he shared memories of the former manager following his passing.

Smith's knack for dropping a cutting one-liner has featured prominently among the flood of tributes paid after news of his death aged 73 was announced by Rangers on Tuesday.

Speaking on the Rangers Daft podcast, Purdon - who plays Bob O'Hara in the long running BBC Scotland soap - laughed as he remembered feeling a hand clamping his shoulder in an iron grip.

And what followed was the legendary boss making clear he was less than thrilled by the Glasgow drama being the programme of choice in the Smith household week after week.

"It was at a charity match and just as we walked in," Purdon said.

"I don't think people realise, Walter was quite a big guy!

"So, I'm standing and I think I was talking to Michael Mols in front of me.

"And then I just feel this hand, and it's a grip.

"Then there's just this voice in my ear... 'I canny get to watch the telly on a Tuesday night because of you, ya wee b*****d."