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Wallasey man slashed and stabbed woman in wheelchair

A wheelchair bound woman was viciously slashed across the neck and stabbed twice with her own carving knife by an acquaintance, who had also called her foul offensive names.

Trouble flared after the 47-year-old disabled victim went to her toilet, where she cannot close the door because of her wheelchair, and heard Michael Guiton saying, “Can you p*** any louder, you cripple?”

She came out and told Guiton, who, with others, had been drinking and socialising at her Birkenhead home, that he should leave.

He did but he returned shortly afterwards and she let him in as he promised to behave. “However he started to argue again and then went into the kitchen and got a knife described as 12 “long,” said Chris Taylor, prosecuting.

One of the guests later told how “without any hesitation or without saying anything he slashed her across the throat and stabbed her in the chest area.”

The man saw him make “three stabbing motions and each time the victim called out in pain.”

A judge at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday (Friday, June 30) jailed 27-year-old Guiton, of Demesne Street, Wallasey, for nine years.

The victim told how after she came out of the toilet Guiton “went completely weird” and she told him a few times to leave. She said they had been drinking wine, beer and vodka and Guiton was getting louder and louder.

He was saying she was “a cripple, a spaz, a mong, and he was going to kill her” and when he went towards her she punched him in the face splitting his lip.

He and two of the others left but Guiton quickly returned and went into the kitchen and got the carving knife from a drawer repeating that he was going to kill her, said Mr Taylor.

He slashed her across the right side of her neck and stabbed the left side of her abdomen and left upper arm. His victim described being in pain and “there was blood, just tremendous blood.”

She managed to call 999 and police officers arrived at 1.29 am and the woman, who had also suffered a broken rib, was taken to Aintree Hospital where the three centimetre wounds to her neck, upper arm and abdomen were stitched.

Guiton was arrested about three hours later after police called at the home of his ex-partner, who had also been at the party. She claimed he was not at her her home in Claughton Place, Birkenhead, but officers found him hiding under a bed.

“On being transported to the custody suite he was aggressive and was saying, ‘I’m not guilty’ and threatening to punch the officer’s face in.

In her impact statement the woman said that as a result of the attack, “I am absolutely scared of being in my own home… I always have to have somebody with me all the time in case I get attacked again. I think about what happened constantly.”

She said she has been left permanently scarred and the wound to her neck still hurts when she moves her head.

Guiton, who has no history of violence, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent.

The judge, Recorder Michael Blakey, said that the victim, who was vulnerable, had been attacked in her own home while he and others were drinking there and he represents a high risk to acquaintances.

He told Guiton, a father-of-two, that he will have to serve two thirds of the nine year sentence before he can apply for parole and he imposed a restraining order to keep away from his victim.

Suzanne Payne, defending, said that Guiton, who appeared via video link from prison, “is horrified and does not want to think about what could have happened. He is thankful she has recovered.”

She said he had an unhappy fragmented childhood and was bullied at school because of his family’s poverty. Two of his siblings put themselves into care and he had an isolated childhood.

He has not yet come to terms with the death of his mother three years ago which has impacted on his already fragile mental health and he has significant anger issues because of his upbringing.

He began binge drinking in his mid-teens and has tried to take his own life. After his mum’s death he began drinking more and more to blot it out but while on remand in custody has been receiving help for his mental health problems and has completed drink and drug courses, she said.

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