Boris Johnson set out his programme for Government, with a Queen’s Speech that was long on promises but short on commitments.

The agenda includes some policies that will be welcomed by Mirror readers, including scrapping hospital car parking charges for those in greatest need, a ban on trophy hunting and help for our struggling high streets.

There will also be extra money for the NHS, the police and education. While this funding is important it fails to compensate for nine years of Tory cuts and is less than Labour planned to spend had it won the election.

Having spent years playing Scrooge, the Conservatives deserve no credit for belatedly handing out a few Christmas gifts. There are also worrying proposals to neuter the unions and curb the independence of the judiciary.

Johnson has form when it comes to making extravagant claims then reneging on them.

That is why the Daily Mirror will be holding him to account, to make sure he delivers on his spending promises.

Johnson has form when it comes to making extravagant claims

Class apart

As schools break up for Christmas this is a good moment to give thanks to our hard-working teachers and support staff.

In today’s Mirror we publish the diaries of two headteachers.

They show how nearly a decade of Tory austerity has not just left schools starved of funds but has ripped apart the safety net for those who need it most.

As a result, heads are having to take on a range of other roles, support pupils who lack the basics and dip into their own pockets to pay for essentials.

Their care stands in contrast to the way the Government has failed a generation of kids.

Treat in store

All Lorette Fussell, 90, wanted for Christmas was a trip to Marks & Spencer.

Thanks to a charity her wish came true. She didn’t just get a special day out, she got an M&S special day out.