A pet portrait artist who creates touching tributes to lost pets has left TikTok viewers in floods of tears after sharing her amazing work.

Megan, who paints under the name magastrations, takes a deceased dog’s favourite toy and transforms it into a piece of artwork that their owner can keep forever.

In a TikTok video that has been watched nearly five million times, she explained how, even though she doesn’t have pets, she enjoys the rewarding job that pet owners have entrusted her with.

The Californian artist said: “I’m a memorial pet portrait artist and people send me the toys of their pets who have died to paint their portrait on it.

“I don’t have any pets but it breaks my heart every time I sit down to do one of these just looking at all the bite marks and the teeth marks and how much love they put into this toy.”

One of Megan's illustrations of a boxer with his favourite frisbee (



The video showed the process of creating a portrait of a German Shepherd on a red frisbee as she explained: “It’s really stressful because it's not like I can just go get another canvas.”

Her work is available on Etsy, with frisbee tributes costing £191.35, and taking up to two months to create.

Megan added: “Some take longer than others, some hit me harder than others.

“This is the most rewarding work that I do. Just to be a part of the grieving process is really special.”

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The clip, which features a picture of the German Shepherd holding his favourite frisbee, has left viewers in floods of tears.

One said: “Not the pic of him and the frisbee! It’s 8am and I’m sobbing.”

Another said they were crying in under seven seconds.

A third added: “I honestly don't know how you do this. I would cry all day every day and ruin every painting.”

But Megan responded: “It’s really difficult but I just try to imagine what the owner must feel like.”

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