22 Kids and Counting left viewers heartbroken this evening as Noel and Sue Radford's son returned home from school and said that he had no friends.

Tonight, Max, 11, was revealed to have been diagnosed with mild autism and his parents were worried about changing schools.

Noel and Sue spoke about getting their children back to school after six months of home learning.

Speaking about son Max, who was set to start secondary school, Sue said: "Well, I think we knew he got autism for quite a while. His behaviour and things."

"It was a relief to find out because when you find out what is wrong, you can deal with it," Noel added.

Sue continued: "He struggles with change, he can't deal with it. he does not like primary school. I think it's a bit make or break with high school whereas primary school is not as bad.

"I don't know, it's just always a big deal."

Thankfully, however, Max returned after his day at school smiling and happy.

"As soon he came through the door he had a big grin on his face," Noel said.

But Noel noticed that Max had filled in a piece of paper after his first day about his likes, dislikes and friends.

He said: "So he's got his little passport. it's got pets, hobbies, interests that sort of thing. Friends - he's left that blank at the minute.

"So yeah, I'll ask him each day if he's got some friends. I'll just keep an eye on it."

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