Line of Duty left millions of viewers hanging once again on Sunday with another dramatic ending that had everyone up a height thanks to a unexpected shoot out.

The BBC drama can always be relied onto to have everyone on tenterhooks and after last weekend's episode had everything including a shock death and a full on cliffhanger, episode 5 of series 6 also fired on all cylinders.

Following seven days of speculation, we finally found out who Jo Davidson's blood relative was as well as another H clue but, those who thought they were the extent of this week's bombshells were in for a huge shock when the closing minutes played out.

Ryan Pilkington has been the focus of plenty of suspicion after he came back into the fold this series and after the dramatic crash in episode 3 and putting a gun to Jo Davidson's head in episode 4, he was right at the centre of things in the dying minutes of this series' penultimate instalment when both he and Kate pointed a gun at each other before gun shots sounded out right as credits rolled as Jo looked on.

And yet another full throttle Line of Duty ending was almost too much for some fans of the show to take.

One tweeted: "hat was definitely 2 shots from the same gun - but who?! OCG aiming at Jo & Kate? AC-12 aiming at Jo & Ryan? Two shots into Ryan?!

Great TV. Thanks @BBCOne "

Another reacted: "Argghhh! Drop the gun! And tell me who got shot!!! So much for a calm evening before returning to work after a week off! Now to calm down before I can sleep!!" and a third posted: "Omg that ending!! Who shot who!? Is Kate ok!? I bet Ryan isn’t dead. OMG"

Others were left reeling about the return of Anna Maxwell Martin as Carmichael, with her comeback fuelling speculation that she could be H.