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Video reveals how you can use coca cola to remove burnt on grease from frying pans

A VIRAL video has revealed how you can remove stubborn burnt on grease from frying pans using nothing but coca cola.

The clip, which was shared on Facebook by Crafty Panda, shows a frying pan caked in burnt food that would normally take an overnight soak and some real elbow grease to budge.

The demonstrator then pours a standard bottle of coke into the pan, letting it soak for a few moments.

They then tip the contents out, revealing that the pan is almost completely clean before rinsing it under the tap leaving it sparkling.

One wrote: “throws out bleach, other cleaning products; heads to wholesalers for coke”

Agreeing a second added: “Guess I will have to get a bottle of coke.”

“I knew coke was good for something besides my taste buds” commented a third.

The reason coca cola break up stains is thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid inside.

Several commenters were worried that they should avoid drinking the soda after watching the video, but Snopes claims the amount of acid inside is too small to have any impact on your stomach.

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