A shocking video clip showing a drunk man stumble and fall under a moving train has been released to warn rail passengers not to overdo it this Christmas.

The scene is part of a compilation of boozy mishaps and accidents suffered at various railway stations over the years by those who had had a few too many prior to travelling.

Issued this week by Network Rail it's intended to drive home the message of keeping safe as 2021's party season gets under way with last Christmas' celebrations having been affected by swingeing Covid restrictions.

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Another incident caught on camera shows someone attempt to chase and kick a nearby pigeon, which results in him toppling off the platform and onto the tracks. Luckily the train right next to him was stationary at the time.

Elsewhere a commuter is seen trying to use the upwards escalator before falling backwards and tumbling over and over until someone hits the emergency stop button.

The man can be seen stumbling and falling right under the moving train

The montage ends with the caption: "It's December and as Christmas drinks and parties return we look back on some footage of shocking incidents caused by intoxication.

"If you're heading out for a few drinks please remember to take care on and around the railway."

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