Vicky Pattison says she and boyfriend Ercan Ramadan aren’t rushing to start a family after being run ragged by the fluffy addition to their home.

The 33-year-old reality star and her 38-year-old boyfriend are proud dog owners after welcoming their pet, Milo, into their home.

Vicky, her boyfriend and their four legged friend are all happily living together at the former Geordie Shore star’s house in Essex.

And while the excitable padding of pet paws has added more noise to their home, fans shouldn’t expect the pitter patter of tiny feet to be getting added to the mix any time soon.

Vicky Pattison has discussed babies and how life has changed since she became a dog owner (


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Vicky and boyfriend Ercan Ramadan are 'exhausted' by Milo (



Speaking to The Sun about how life has changed since she became a dog owner, Vicky said: “Milo’s aged me 38 years. I’m so exhausted by his fluffy f***ery.

"Also, I’m just really happy with where I’m at now. I’ve been the girl who rushed things and I’ve been the girl who thought the next stage of her life would make her happy.

“If you’re not happy in a relationship, adding an engagement or a baby or a marriage, aren’t going to make it better. They’re just more pressure.”

She added: “We’ve got enough for now.”

Last year, Vicky opened up about the happy relationship she shares with former Towie star Ercan – who she praised for helping her get through lockdown.

She said at the time: "I'm so lucky to have had Ercan during lockdown. He's very positive, he likes to workout just like me. He loves his food, which I love, and we don't disagree too much unless it's over the TV.

"That was one of the things lockdown told us was to appreciate the here and the now and stop rushing to the next stage. I've always been in a rush in life and never appreciated the things I've got.

"I always wanted the next job or the next stage in the relationship. I was always going too fast. Lockdown taught us to take my foot off the gas so to speak and just enjoy what I've got.”

She added: "I'm enjoying what I've got with Ercan and that's a very loving and serious relationship. But no, no wedding bells, no pitter patter of tiny feet. None of that yet!”

Last month, Vicky opened up to The Mirror to explain that she is enjoying life further from the spotlight since she rented from the cast of chaotic reality series Geordie Shore.

She said: “I have this big regret that most people know I had sex on TV. I always say you can’t be old and wise if you haven’t been young and daft.

Vicky has previously discussed how she and Ercan are taking their romance slowly and aren't planning marriage or children just yet (


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“I do have chapters I don’t want to read out loud – but so does everybody.”

She added: “I feel I’ve achieved a lot in a short time. I’m ­really proud of my ­career and everything I’ve worked for.

“I’m on my way to being a very strong and confident woman, and I like where I’m headed, where I am going.”

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