Vicky Pattison has been praised for sharing an empowering post as she urged fans not to compare themselves to others on social media.

The 33-year-old former Geordie Shore star, who is on a mission to uplift those around her, shared a striking bikini snap that showed off the power of angles.

In the side-by-side snaps, that Vicky shared with her 4.7 million Instagram followers, the Geordie lass featured in a snap taken from behind as well as the front.

Alongside the images, Vicky admitted that she had struggled with comparing herself to others in the past.

However, she is learning to love herself and hoping that her honest portrayal on social media can be empowering for others.

"This is just as cute little reminder for you all to: STOP COMPARING YOURSELVES TO STRANGERS ON THE INTERNET!!!!" she penned.

"I truly believe that comparison is the thief of joy and I’ll tell you why. How many times have you been in a perfectly good mood; work is going well, your fella isn’t getting on your tits for a change, that dress you ordered from @asos has arrived and you look AMAZING in it and you’re FINALLY fitting in some you time and getting your nails done at the weekend! Absolute blinder!

The Geordie lass urged her followers not to compare themselves to people online
The Geordie lass urged her followers not to compare themselves to people online

She continued: "You’re feeling good, so you just decide to have a little scroll on Instagram and before you know it- you’re bombarded with a veritable smorgasbord of perceived perfection.

"You continue scrolling, god knows why at this point, it has become a form of torture, it’s almost self harm by now and all you see is filtered faces, smooth skin, slender bodies, fancy cars, expensive watches, picture perfect families and smiling couples. And just like that you feel rubbish again."

Vicky went on: "I have done this countless times... Sat and idly scrolled through social media until I don’t like my body, hate my skin, don’t feel successful.. Til I just don’t feel good enough. And the sad thing is I’ve allowed something that isn’t even real to rob me of my very real good mood.

The reality star has been sharing lots of honest posts on social media about her past struggles with self-image
The reality star has been sharing lots of honest posts on social media about her past struggles with self-image

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"Learning to love ourselves is hard enough without letting a carefully curated glimpse into someone’s life set us back. Don’t forget People post what they want you to see- their best angles, their best days, the best versions of themselves. But never compare a persons highlight reel to your behind-the-scenes footage," she added.

Vicky's post was flooded with messages from fans who thanked the reality star for her honest post.

One fan wrote: "always keeping it real - much love to you."

"I really really needed to read this today," added another.

Vicky's latest post came shortly after the star revealed that she much prefers being a size ten or 12 and feels far sexier as she is "naturally a very curvy person."

Vicky has been sharing lots of empowering messages with her fans on social media
Geordie Shore star
The Geordie Shore star admitted that she had compared herself to others on social media in the past and it made her feel terrible

Despite feeling pressure in the past to look a certain way, Vicky has learned that there is much more to a person than a number on a scale.

Aware of the influence she has because of her social media following, Vicky is trying to change the narrative about the perceptions of beauty online.

She often shares unedited snaps and points out to her followers that filters and editing snaps is rife on social media platforms.

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