A vegan were horrified after they were served real meat from a Chinese takeaway which 'turned' their stomachs.

Husband and wife Phil and Elizabeth Lawson ordered several dishes through Just Eat, but claim their mock chicken was actually pork and their spring rolls contained duck.

The couple said they were left 'very upset' and repulsed after tucking into their food from China Star, in Leyland, Lancashire, on Friday, which ended up in the bin.

After experiencing communication issues with the takeaway, Phil reported the incident to the third party delivery service.

But he was informed that because the order had not been marked as 'complete' by the restaurant, no refund could be given.

A vegan couple were left 'repulsed' after being served meat from a Chinese takeaway in Lancashire

Phil, 37, said they only made his discovery after eating some of the food.

They had opted for mock chicken in sweet and sour sauce, homemade veg spring rolls, tofu chow mein, seaweed and boiled rice.

Phil said: "It was the first time we had ordered from there. They had - or appeared to have - a good vegetarian range and we spotted some stuff we fancied on the menu.

"My wife ordered it and it came as expected, on time. We dished it up and started eating it.

"We both looked at each other and said it didn't taste right, it was clearly meat.

Phil Lawson, and his wife Elizabeth, ordered a variety of dishes from China Star, in Leyland

"We were really upset and we contacted the restaurant and expected an apology but we couldn't understand the person we spoke to and we binned it."

Phil and Elizabeth, who have two daughters, aged four and one, said the experience was quite repulsive.

They have been vegetarians since the start of the year, and full vegans for three months.

They made this decision due to dietary reasons, as Phil is intolerant of dairy, and after watching animal cruelty documentaries.

Phil, a technical relationship manager at Ivanti, said: "We have been moving towards being vegan since the start of the year.

"But we have been full vegan for three months. This is partially due to dietary reasons as I'm intolerant of diary.

"And after watching some documentaries about animal cruelty, we decided it wasn't for us.

"We feel quite upset. Given we made the decision not to eat meat, it was quite repulsive.

"[When] eating meat, these images come into your mind.

"I didn't think I'd ever look at meat and my stomach would be turned."

A Just Eat spokesperson said: "We want all of our customers to have a positive experience when ordering their food online and were sorry to hear that in this case, this customer's experience did not reflect the standard we would hope to deliver.

"We have spoken to the customer directly to issue a full refund and are looking into this with the restaurant partner involved."

However, Phil insists that he is not bothered about the refund but fears the error has left him worried the takeaway is not being as responsible as he would expect.

A vegan couple were left 'repulsed' after being served meat from a Chinese takeaway in Lancashire

He added: "I'm not really fussed about the refund, it's more to do with the handling and [the fact] it was two dishes in one order.

"One is a mistake, two is just concerning.

"My concern is that the person we spoke to may not understand if a customer has allergies and wouldn't communicate it to the chef.

"I just felt like they're not being as responsible as I'd like.

"It might have just been a one off."

In response to the incident, owner of China Star, Rui Lu, said: "I will be more careful every time anyone requests anything.

"I will give more training to staff - even existing staff - to be more careful.

"This is the first time this has ever happened to give people meat who do not eat meat."

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The restaurant owner claims there has also been no issues with regards to allergy-related complaints.

China Star has four out of five rating for food hygiene.

The incident has been reported to the Food Standards Agency and the local authority.