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Vanessa Guillen suspect Cecily Aguilar who helped dismember her body ‘would do anything to please men’, says ex-pal

A WOMAN who has admitted helping soldier Vanessa Guillen's accused killer mutilate and hide her body would "do anything to please men," a disgusted former friend has told The Sun.

Cecily Aguilar admitted to investigators she went to the burial site after her boyfriend, US Army Specialist Aaron Robinson, bludgeoned Vanessa, who also served in the US Army, to death with a hammer in Fort Hood, Texas.

In the days after the dismembering of Vanessa's body, Aguilar posted a series of revealing selfies on Instagram, with creepy captions such as, "Any girl can play innocent but her demons are what drove me wild."

The Sun tracked down Aguilar's former confidant, who has asked to be kept anonymous, and alleged the 22-year-old had a "bad childhood," but insisted it is "no excuse" for her part in the horrific crime, and they hope justice is served.

The Guillen family attorney, Natalie Kwaham, said Vanessa was beaten so badly officials had trouble using dental records to identify her since her teeth were completely destroyed.

"It's really, really sad and disgusting," the friend told The Sun.

"I'm beyond shocked and in disbelief to be honest. I loved Cece, I never would have seen this coming.

"At first, all I saw was people accusing her of something I knew nothing about. I'm a loyal and protective friend, I had no idea.

"I thought people were blaming her without the facts. I really do grieve for Vanessa's family and I pray her soul did find some rest, it is a huge shock."

She went on to explain: "Cecily had a very bad childhood.

"It's not an excuse whatsoever, but can definitely contribute towards someone's behavior.

"She was easily manipulated, especially by men. She tried to seem like she was the leader, but when it came to men she tried to do whatever she could to please them.

"I think she just wanted to be loved, but she could have found that without all this, she's now ruined her life and the lives of so many others."

The Michigan-based ex-pal, who drifted from Aguilar when she met her husband, another former soldier, claims she was in a juvenile facility for some time back in her home state, and tried to turn her life around."

It is not known if she was still with her husband before getting together with Robinson, who fatally shot himself on July 1 after she handed him over to cops following an exhaustive investigation.

Aguilar initially provided Robinson with an alibi, but later came clean, and a search of his mobile phone logs revealed he had called her several times on the night of April 22 and into the following morning.

When quizzed by cops, Aguilar admitted Robinson had picked her up on April 23 at the gas station where she worked and drove her to a bridge near Leon River in Bell County - 25 miles east of Fort Hood.

He walked her into the woods before opening an abandoned plastic box on wheels, where he'd stashed Vanessa's body after attacking her with a hammer.

The couple then reportedly used a "hatchet or axe and a machete-type knife," to remove the limbs and head and buried the parts in three shallow graves, according to cops.

Asked if she thinks Cecily would feel any remorse, her former friend told The Sun: "I'm sure she already does. And not because she's locked up. I'm sure that's made her open her eyes a bit, but I know she cares about people.

"And I know that if she had the guts to even admit what she did, it's eating her alive.

"This is a f****d up situation, but everyone deserves the truth and justice.

"Honestly, I hope she finds God and asks for forgiveness. Regardless of whether the family accepts it, I hope she [also] apologizes," adding she should serve a "fair sentence" for her role in Vanessa's death.

Cecily, who has already appeared in court, is charged with one count of conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Flame-haired Cecily, who dreamt of being a model, uploaded dozens of revealing selfies showing off her tattooed body on Instagram.

Disgusted social media users have hit out at her apparent lack of remorse before her arrest, sharing the hashtag #justiceforvanessaguillen."

One user posted: "Burn in hell!" while another wrote underneath a photograph of her: "I hope you rot in jail."

Troubled Cecily also shared a number of personal quotes, including: "I'll be the villain in your story," with someone commenting: "That didn't age well."

While a motive is yet to be determined, Vanessa allegedly saw photos on Robinson's phone and confronted him "about having an affair with someone married to a former soldier."

Her heartbroken family have also revealed she suffered sexual harassment in the Army and they failed to protect her, although officials have denied any complaint was made.

Vanessa's death has now shone a light on the military's handling of sexual harassment and assault, with many veterans revealing their own experiences on social media, in what is being branded a new #MeToo movement.

Cecily's former friend said: "I know for a fact many women are raped and then kicked out instead of the men who raped them.

"I'm not saying all men are bad, but we can have movements for day after day, as long as there are men in charge with money and power, us women are f****d.

"It's sick, hopefully one day things will change, or people will change."

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