A polling station in the US election has been accused of voter intimidation after voting booths were set up next to a noose.

Photos show the booth in Stone County, Missouri, set up next to a glass display case containing a tied noose.

The Missouri Democratic Party said the display amounted to intimidation of black voters, with acting chair Clem Smith saying: "The symbol’s purpose is to stoke the fires of racial prejudice and strike fear in the hearts of people of color."

Yinka Faleti, the Nigerian-American Democrat candidate for Missouri Secretary of State said: "Why on earth would a noose be on display anywhere near a voting booth or anywhere at all for that matter?"

He added: "This goes beyond a gross and appalling lack of judgment by the responsible parties.

"This is a brazen attempt at voter intimidation, plain and simple."

Stone County Clerk Cindy Elmore said the display was put up several years ago outside the building's election office.

She told the Kansas City Star: "It’s just a display out in the hallway that’s out there, but it has nothing to do with the election office."

Mr Faleti went on: "The noose is a symbol of racially-motivated and state-sanctioned murders of African Americans.

"This is another reminder that in 2020, we still have not come far enough and we have many more miles to go.

"This display ought to be removed immediately. That symbol of bigotry and hate has no place in our Missouri and no place in our democracy."

In a statement, the Missouri Democrats said: "The noose represents a dark history for all Americans and is the most resonant symbol of our nation’s violent past,

"We must not forget that African Americans were brutalized in their fight for the right to vote, and the noose was the most deliberate device used to intimidate."