The campaign trail took both Donald Trump and Joe Biden to Florida as the southeastern state emerged as a must-win ahead of Tuesday's election.

First Lady Melania - who made a rare campaign appearance - told hundreds of maskless supporters in Tampa her husband is focused on the "health and safety" of America.

Before the incumbent leader took to the podium himself to promise he'll "never lockdown again" - despite the US still seeing a surge in coronavirus infections.

He again falsely claimed rival Joe Biden - himself holding a rally in Broward County - plans to shut down the country.

Trump was boosted by figures which showed US GDP has spiked 33.1 per cent in the third quarter, the fastest pace recorded - after the pandemic saw it plummet by around 31 per cent.

But he's all too aware if he were to lose the Sunshine State - which carries 29 of the 270 electoral college votes needed - his hopes of reelection would be all but gone.

That's regardless of where Nigel Farage bets his £10,000.

Trump 'wants to run US like one-man Broadway play'

Anthony Scaramucci slammed Trump on Question Time

Trump's former communications director Anthony Scaramucci described the President as the "most insecure person that you could ever meet" and wants to run the US "like a one-man" Broadway play.

The financier and life-long Republican urged Americans to vote for Biden, saying Trump will have experts "telling him what to do and he'll do the opposite" because of his inferiority complex.

He said the billionaire businessman-turned-politician can't "handle conversations intellectually" and has made the US "sicker, weaker and poorer".

Fox News host mocked over 'damning' report claims

Tucker Carlson has been roasted online after claiming he has bombshell documents about Joe Biden's family - but they were lost in the post.

Live on air, he claimed he was provided with a "collection of confidential documents" but was "baffled and deeply concerned" after a shipping company allegedly told him they went missing in transit.

He was immediately ridiculed online, with one Twitter user writing: "Like Tucker, I also send my super secret documents through the mail and fail to make a copy."

Brutal debate takedown compared to TV show

Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff's fierce barrage against Republican Senator David Perdue for the Georgia Senate seat has gone viral and is being compared to something from The West Wing.

"Perhaps Senator Perdue would have been able to respond properly to the Covid-19 pandemic if you hadn’t been fending off multiple federal investigations for insider trading," Ossoff said - a reference to probes into Perdue's stock trades.

Ossoff also branded Purdue a "crook" during the split-screen debate leaving Perdue looking rather sheepishly at the camera.

Trump threatens to 'take care of those son of a b * s'

The US President asked the crowd in Tampa, Florida if the people spraying water - some of which hit him in the face - during his rally were "friend or foe".

"If they're foe, take care of those son of a b*****s," he told the attendees.

It's understood the water was being sprayed by a truck at the back of the crowd, in order to cool down attendees in the 30 degree heat.

Farage stakes £10k on Trump beating 'dumb bet' Biden

Nigel Farage speaking alongside Trump in Arizona

Nigel Farage says he has bet £10,000 on Trump winning a second term, and said that backing Joe Biden would be a "dumb bet".

The Brexit Party leader's bet comes in response to the President's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, who himself staked $10,000 on Biden to defeat the incumbent leader on November 3.

Speaking at an Arizona rally, Farage said: "Joe Biden's been about 2/1 on. I think that's a very dumb bet because I tell you what, what I can see on the ground is Trump's got the momentum."