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Ursula von der Leyen bystands Boris on the G7 to take a photo with Macron and Biden

Ursula von der Leyen on the sidelines of Macron and Biden's Boris

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At the Group of Seven conference at Schloss Ermau, a luxury hotel in the Bavarian Alps, leaders were in front of the mountains. .. When the leaders got off the platform where they were taking pictures,Von der Leyeninterrupted from the end and did not disturbJohnson. The European Commission then sought to seize the opportunity to take a photo with Mr. Bidenand the President of FranceEmmanuel Macron. It is widely regarded as a representative of Europe. 

Boris Johnson previously swiped the European Union and if Ukraine was still part of the block, Britain could make Ukraine so successful I said it wouldn't have been. 

He states: "I don't think Britain is like a matrix of common foreign and security policy at the time within the European Union. We as the first European countries to arm Ukrainians themselves. Would have come out earlier to give a means to protect.

"It's an ambitious country that thinks differently about things, the world from a more global perspective. 

"That doesn't mean we're not European. We're still European, but I think we have a more global approach."

Regarding the meeting between Mr Johnson and Mr Macron, Elysee claimed that the Prime Minister was interested in the vision of the French President. A wider European community. 

However, this was not mentioned in the description of the Downing Street conference.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: If you would like to provide more details on this, please discuss it with the President and colleagues in the EU.

Macron's ideas will open the door to closer ties with the EU for countries outside the block, including Ukraine, the United Kingdom and other countries.

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Boris Johnson Ursula Von Der Leyen

Ursula Von Der L Ayen seemed to keep Boris Johnson away, so she was able to talk to Mr. Byden(Image: GETTY)

Ursula swipe

Ms. Von der Leyen crossed from the edge of the photo stand and spoke to Mr. Byden and Mr. Macron(Image: GETTY)

Biden Johnson Von Der Leyen

Then Johnson moved him to(Image: GETTY)

Biden Macron Von Der Leyen

Mr. Byden lovingly wrapped his arms around Mr. Macron when the three leaders spoke( Image: GETTY)

However, the 10th UK opposed the proposal to return to the movement of free people before Brexit.

The spokesman added: "As far as I know, the Prime Minister has not given him formal details.

" There are no plans to change our position regarding freedom of movement, border control. That won't change.

Asked why the discussion was not mentioned in the description of the meeting in Downing Street, a spokesman said: "It is not uncommon for readings to differ slightly."

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Boris Johnson Emmanuel Macron

Boris Johnson met Emmanuel Macron earlier today, where they discussed a wider European community ssed {153. } (Image: GETTY)

He also said that the meeting between the two leaders was "hearty" between the two who knew each other. "Other very well that said it was a meeting."

And when asked about France and Germany's contributions to Ukraine's defense, Johnson said they had achieved an "amazing amount." 

The Prime Minister said, "Given the situation in both countries before the conflict began, I think they have achieved a surprising amount of results."

He added:

"Also, don't forget the price Germans are paying for leaving Russia's oil and gas, so you know, can we all do more? Yes, We can all do more. We will do more.

"But so far, the G7 has had the most effect on this. I think it was our unity. ”

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