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Unsaid Stories writer reveals new ITV series is full of ‘awkward conversations that need to happen’

UNSAID Stories writer has revealed that the new ITV series is full of "awkward conversations that need to happen."

The short film is written by Nicôle Lecky, Anna Ssemuyaba and Jerome Bucchan-Nelson and the trio have been able to highlight important racial issues following on from the Black Lives Matter protests last month.

Unsaid stories is set to explore different forms of discrimination, in four gripping and punchy 15-minute long episodes, which are spread over the next four nights this week.

Tonight's episode, titled Generational, follows the story of a black dad who is worried about her 16-year-old daughter's safety when she sneaks out of the house to attend a protest.

The other three episodes focus on key issues such as interracial relationships and police stereotyping towards black people - and the young writers hope that it eggs on viewers on to start discussing what they see in the show.

Anna explained: "I think the interesting unifying factor across all the shorts is that they all seem to be awkward conversations, but between people who love each other very much.

"And I feel like the necessity of those awkward conversations needs to be happening now more than ever."

Jerome added: "The whole point of that is to inspire discussion and get people to talk about things that they're maybe uncomfortable talking about or didn't even know they needed to talk about."

Episode two, I Don't Want To Talk About It, focuses on a middle-class black woman and her working-class white ex-boyfriend.

The former flames bump into each other and begin to talk about the issues that they faced as a couple.

Anna described the episode as "a love story between middle class black
women and a working class white man and the kind of nuances that come within it."

She explained that the storyline follows the complex dynamic of the couples past and how white privilege is a real thing - and hopes that viewers will also go on to talk about it with each other.

Jerome hopes that the four-part series gets everybody talking in a "domestic space," no matter what age, race or gender the viewer is.

"It sometimes feels like a conversation that certain people feel excluded from if they haven't experienced racism, or if they feel within themselves that they're not racist.

"And so, the conversation becomes quite small.

"So, I wanted to take that conversation into a space that everyone recognises.

"And that's not being able to speak to your parents, and not being able to understand them and get into a point where it's hard for you to even get through one conversation with them without arguing," he explained.

He also wanted to shock viewers with the opening episode by showing two black people with polar opposite opinions on the Black Lives Matter protests.

He said: "I wanted to kick off my film with two black people disagree in on the validity of the movement, just to kind of shock people into kind of setting up and then understanding that there are complications and differences of opinions within this community.

"Just like every other community, it's not there isn't just one way of

The writer added: "The fact that we're in the midst of another global pandemic aside, we've got the global pandemic of racism, and then we've got coronavirus. And so I just wanted to find a way to have all of those conversations in a forum that was quite relatable to everyone at home."

Unsaid Stories starts tonight (August 10) at 9pm on ITV.

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