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Unrealistic and inconsistent portion sizes ‘lead to Brits eating more than they should’


UNREALISTIC and inconsistent portion sizes are leaving Brits unsure whether they are eating a healthy amount, experts warn.

Official suggested servings from food companies include just four Cadbury Fingers and 30g of cereal.

But almost all Brits say they eat more — and a quarter exceed the recommended 14 Pringles a sitting.

Bizarrely, a suggested portion of Dairy Milk depends on the bar size.

A 45g pack counts as one but in a 200g bar the recommended serving is 25g, while it is 30g of a 360g bar.

Two in five people told Which? they had eaten more than a quarter of a 200g bar in one go.

Researchers also highlighted a Pizza Express supermarket pizza supposedly serving two, while its larger restaurant offering counts as one portion.

Two-thirds of respondents also believe a tube of Smarties is for one, when it is actually meant to serve two.

Which? says it is increasingly hard for shoppers to have a clear idea of what a portion size should look like.

It wants a mandatory front-of-pack traffic-light labelling scheme, showing whether levels of sugar, salt and fat are high, medium or low, based on a standard 100g amount.

Natalie Hitchins, from Which?, warned that the unrealistic and confusing portion sizes “risk misleading consumers into eating more than they should”.

She said of the traffic-light scheme: “This has been proven to help people make healthier food choices and lets them easily compare at a glance how much sugar, salt and fat a product contains, leaving it up to them to decide what’s right for them.”

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