A MAN took his dad's car without consent while he was out of the country on business.

Blackburn magistrates heard Akib Mukhtar was spotted by police and mounted the pavement to get round a police van that was blocking the road.

The court was told that when his dad returned home the car was parked on the drive where he had left it and he had no idea what had happened until the police turned up at his home.

Mukhtar, 24, of The Hedgerow, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to taking a car without consent, failing to stop for a police officer, driving without insurance and other than in accordance with a licence.

He was made subject to a community order for 12 months with 10 days rehabilitation activity requirement and 60 hours unpaid work. He was banned from driving for 10 months and ordered to pay £90 victim surcharge.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Mohammed Mukhtar was out of the country on business.

"As far as he was concerned his car was on the drive where he had left it and he had hidden the keys," said Miss Allan.

She said the defendant was seen driving the car and failed to stop for police. He drove down a dead end and the police parked their van across the road to prevent him leaving.

"He mounted the kerb to get past the van and then drove off," said Miss Allan.

"The police tried to follow but he had gone."

Richard Prew, defending, said his client had never obtained a provisional licence or taken a driving test.

"His father was away and he took the opportunity to take the car for a drive," said Mr Prew.

"When the police cornered him there was a moment of panic and he drove away and returned the car to where it had been left by his father."