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Ulrika Jonsson says she’s ‘not going to the shops after 24 July’ because face masks make her ‘claustrophobic’

ULRIKA Jonsson has revealed she won't be going to the shops once wearing face masks is made mandatory - because they make her 'claustrophobic'.

The 52-year-old made the admission after the Prime Minister's recent updates on life as lockdown rules are gradually lifted.

Ulrika told fans her feelings about face coverings alongside a snap of herself at the doctors and pictures wearing a variety of masks.

She wrote on Instagram: "Wore a mask for the first time and struggled a bit what with a touch of claustrophobia and regulating my breathing.

"Pathetic, I know. So, that’s me then, not going to the shops after 24th July."

The government announced this week that face masks and coverings are set to become mandatory in shops in England from July 24.

Last month the use of masks and coverings was also made mandatory on public transport.

Her reason for the visit to the doctors was clear as one picture showed her raised knees half covered by a white sheet.

The mother-of-four joked: "So this still happens apparently. My favourite words during a smear test are: “Just relax”."

She then went on to recall a "FUN FACT".

"Went to my local @waitroseandpartners on Monday," Ulrika told her followers. "One of the managers, Brian, comes rushing up to me with a big grin on his face: “I need to speak to you. When you were here on Friday, you left without paying!”.

"Oh, how we laughed. I mean I blushed and laughed.

"It’s the bloody staff. I can’t stop chatting and get distracted. It’s a good job I’m a regular and love them all more than I love my family. At least I had my wallet out…. so the CCTV says…..

"(Who’s bright idea was CCTV anyway??!?). Menopausal brain and all that."

The former Celebrity Big Brother winner has been keeping her social media followers updated on her lockdown experience, which has included gardening and sunbathing.

In May she joked that she was getting her "tiny t**s" out as she sunbathed in a bikini.

Sharing a selfie from her sun lounger, she commented: "Sun's out, tiny t*** out."

In the snap she tugged at her oversized bikini top and wore a white bucket hat to protect herself from the sun.

In the same month Ulrika made a cheeky gag about not having sex in lockdown as she isolates without her new boyfriend.

She shocked fans with a rude innuendo that was shared to her Instagram page about "lifting flaps".

Ulrika shared a snap of directions which read: "Lift flaps to tear perforations".

She captioned the post: "I have no perforations but it has been a while since someone lifted my flaps. #justsaying".

Her followers were stunned by the saucy message, with one commenting: "Ooer! Flipping heck, you make me laugh!"

Another added: "Omg I just spat out my coffee laughing".

Ulrika Jonsson jokes about lack of sex during coronavirus lockdown as she puts up Ikea furniture

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