Great Britain
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UK Weather: 10 degrees from Mercury to PLUMMET tonight as warm spells have been replaced by a three-day washout

MECURY is set to plunge 10 degrees tonight, marking the end of the warm spells recently felt across the country.

In some parts of England, temperatures drop to single digits overnight, so temperatures are set close to 30 degrees Celsius.

Annie Shuttleworth tells Sun Online that some rural areas will drop to 7 degrees tonight, but some countries that felt 22 degrees today will drop to at least 12 degrees. He said there was a possibility.

Over the next few days, rain is expected to push the country eastward, resulting in showers and longer rains.

Most eastern regions remain most protected from showers and strong winds. Therefore, it is a paradise for the highest temperatures in the country.

The next few days. Temperatures are close to the seasonal average and have been stable for the past few days from late teens to early 20s. In the

East Anglia area, we could see 24 on Wednesday, but it's probably as warm as we'll see next week or so.

Northwestern Scotland, western Scotland, and Wales can be threatened by heavy rains, gusts, and lightning,Millerreports.

Meteorologist Alex Deakin said: "After heat and humidity, everything changes over the weekend, and low pressure is the main feature.

" The low pressure system hasn't moved too far and is fairly densely populated. This causes a lot of gusts in western Scotland and out-of-season winds in the northwest. There may be a breeze of rain. "

A thunderstorm was ready to hit Glastonbury this weekend Just days after the thugs took part in the 28 degree heat.

This week, festival attendees were hit by all the elements while the rest of the UK was still sunbathing.

Forecaster Helen Roberts said the weekend

She said the cyclone was in charge of our weather well compared to the last few days. He said he was likely to "shock the system a bit".

She explains: in.

"The most likely to stay dry is in the eastern part of the country."

Today, the west is hit by heavy rains and lightning showers, and the east is dry. I felt a bright state.

However, some forecasters believe that warmth could return to the end of next week.

The Weather Outlook's Brian Gaze suggests that some models will burn 32 degrees of sunshine on Thursday in central and eastern England. ".

By the end of the season, four more heat waves are predictedand temperatures will reach" late 30s ".