Exactly a week until Halloween and the weather seems to be getting warmer again.

Today, outbreaks of blustery rain will progress eastwards across the UK, with some sunshine developing behind. However, sharp showers will then drift into the west, becoming rather frequent later.

If you’re on the east of the UK it probably will be safe to leave a jumper but it looks like those in western regions will need a raincoat with them.

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Do you want to know if the weather is suitable for a Sunday walk? Here’s the weather forecast for your specific region.

What is the UK weather forecast?

Fairly windy with cloud and rain over Scotland, western England and Wales moving slowly eastwards reaching the southeast during the evening. Sunny spells and heavy showers follow from the west.


It will be a wet start for Devon, Cornwall and areas along the Irish sea, out towards the east and southeast should be a dry morning.

It will be a very mild morning especially in areas such as Cardiff and Cornwall where it’s expected to rise up to 15C. The rest of the country will settle around 11C to 13C.


Sunday afternoon we’re expecting sunny spells and fleeting showers travelling up towards the north of the UK, but it won’t last very long.

This will also increase temperatures to 16C in some parts of the country.

It will be a relatively warm and dry afternoon for Northern Ireland with temperatures between 13C and 15C.


Further showers and more of a breeze from the west into the north of the UK and these showers will be with us for quite some time into next week.

Eastern areas will remain dry with plenty of sunshine with temperatures ranging from 11C to 15C.

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