The weather is beginning to turn wet and windy, with the Met Office issuing yellow weather warnings for some regions of the UK.

The Met Office predict that heavy rain will continue today (Wednesday, October 27).

Wet weather is particularly likely for parts of north-west England and southern Scotland, perhaps affecting north-west Wales later in the day.

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Overall it will be showery in the far north.

Elsewhere will see mainly dry conditions with some brighter spells.

A risk of 60mm of rain for south-west Scotland has seen an Amber warning placed on the area by the Met Office, meaning there is a risk of localised flooding. Cumbria is set to see 120-200 mm of rain over the peaks, too.

The overall forecast for the UK is very mild but windy.

It may be a wise idea to get the house cosy as the weather turns rather chilly.

What is the UK weather forecast today (October 27)?


The north-west will see persistent wet weather along with gales in Scotland.

Temperatures will be 14 degrees Celsius (C) in Scotland and this is the same for Northern Ireland and Wales.

The north of England will be around 13-15C at the start of the day, with the Midlands at the 13C mark.

London will be 14C and the south-west will be 15C.


Wet weather will be seen in south-west Scotland and Cumbria but brighter skies in the rest of Scotland, the north of Northern Ireland, and the rest of England.

Temperatures will be 16C in Scotland, 17C in the north, 16-17C in the midlands and the same in the south-west.


Overall a mild evening for the UK but colder temperatures are to be expected in the north.

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