As we have officially entered autumn the weather across the UK has grown cooler, windier and our clothes switched from summer shorts to cushioned coats.

With British weather classically having the reputation to be unpredictable, regardless of the season, we have put together a quick review of the weather forecast for the day.

The Met Office is predicting windy and unsettled weather for parts of the UK, with some thundery showers expected across England and Wales.

As the changeable weather continues read on to find out the UK weather forecast for today, Wednesday, October 20.

What is the UK weather forecast?


Overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday, there is wetter weather across England and Wales towards the southeast.

Elsewhere though, there will be some clearer skies and a few showers knocking about later on.

However, the early hours of the morning will bring a warmer start to Wednesday around 6 am, across the southern half of the UK.

As you head up North, towards Manchester, for example, it is likely to be a little bit cooler, but still showing some sunshine.


Moving towards midday, the rain in the southeast will move upwards towards the North and East of England and Wales. The wetter weather is likely to settle in Northern England in the afternoon.

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Progressing towards the evening, on the other side of the rain, we should see some aspects of sunshine piercing through some parts of the UK. Although there will be rain in the far Southwest of England, in areas like Plymouth and St Helier.

Temperatures across the UK will be fairly mild, ranging from 11 degrees Celsius in Northern areas like Newcastle, for example, to slightly higher temperatures like 18 degrees, further down South in Norwich.

Overall, you can expect the UK national weather for Wednesday, October 20, to be rainy, with some sunny intervals, interchanging throughout the day.

The temperature throughout the day, however, across all of the UK should predict to be not as warm as Tuesday, but still fairly mild

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