Sadly, much of Scotland will continue to see the poor weather it has experienced for the last couple of days, with the heavy winds it experienced overnight from yesterday’s weather set to continue into the early hours.

Northern Ireland will also experience some of the effects of the weather front over Scotland later in the day.

Though England and Wales will wake up a little cooler than yesterday, it should remain dry for the majority of the day, with sunny spells breaking up any cloud.

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There are currently no official weather warnings in place for the UK today (Wednesday, September 22).

What is the UK weather forecast?

The Met Office currently lists the weather summary for the UK on Wednesday, September 22:

“Rain across northwest Scotland sinking south into Northern Ireland and southern Scotland by evening. Gales easing but remaining windy. Elsewhere dry, mostly sunny and warm after early fog patches clear.”


At around 7 am, a weather front will have brought in heavy and persistent rain for much of Scotland. However, the overnight gales will change more to blustery winds.

Some of England and Wales will wake up to fog and mist but relatively settled weather.

Still a cooler start, but slightly warmer than yesterday - Temperatures at 7 am will be 11 degrees for London, 12 degrees for Cardiff, 11 degrees for Manchester, 14 for Belfast and 14 for Edinburgh.


Any mist and fog should lift relatively quickly with bits of sun for the majority of England.

It will remain blustery in Scotland and to the northeast of England, and late afternoon will also see some rain for Northern Ireland.

Temperatures at 1 pm will be 20 degrees for London, 19 degrees for Cardiff, 17 degrees for Manchester, 18 for Belfast and 17 for Edinburgh.


The weather front over Scotland will gradually move south during the day, affecting more of the south of the country and parts of Northern England.

It will also continue to bring more clouds and rain for parts of Northern Ireland into the evening.

The majority of England will continue to stay clear, with more concentrated clouds over parts of Wales.

Temperatures at 7 pm will start to cool off a little - 20 degrees for London, 17 degrees for Cardiff, 17 degrees for Manchester, 18 for Belfast and 17 for Edinburgh.

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