Life threatening downpours have descended on the UK with an incredible 13 inches - a month’s worth of rain - falling in Cumbria in just 36 hours.

There are warnings of more “nerve-racking” weather to come as rain spreads further south over the weekend and into next week.

Some properties and businesses were flooded following near record breaking rainfall which saw a “school rulers worth” of rainfall on Honister Pass in the north west in 24 hours.

By Thursday the Lake District was also under water, with the Windermere ferry having to stop work because of “excessive rainfall”.

The popular tourist attraction warned they were likely to be closed on Friday too because they are unable to “land safely”.

Weather warnings are in place on the west coast (


Met office)

And the Met Office are warning of more heavy downpours to come over with flooding possible in the south west and South Wales.

The Environment Agency (EA) issued ten alerts, where flooding is expected and 19 areas, where flooding was possible on Thursday as they warned of “significant flooding” in the north west.

Cumbria Police advised people not to travel if possible as roads became dangerous and impassable and some cars had to be rescued from rising water.

The AA’s Dave Throup tweeted on Thursday: “Now 330 mm (13 inches) of rain at Honister and over 100 mm widely across upland areas. Below the record breaking 340 mm in 24 hours during Storm Desmond in 2015 but still very large amounts.”

Honister Pass has been hardest hit by the rainfall (


Met office)

His colleague, John Curtin from the Environment Agency (EA) in Cumbria, tweeted earlier: “That rain is still coming (Honister gauge has recorded 29cm rain in last 24 hours - a school rulers worth!)”

The EA warned of bulging river levels with a leisure centre, a police station in Workington, both in danger of flooding, explaining; “River levels are high and forecast to rise further on the River Derwent due to heavy rainfall. "

Cockermouth was also badly hit, with local businesses desperately trying to protect their properties with sandbags.

Joseph Hill, who lives in Cockermouth, said: “I was shocked at the speed the river had risen since the night before, and very concerned as our barn that we’re renovating is entirely flooded and unreachable to assess any damage.

Parts of Cockermouth in Cumbria has been submerged (



“The power of the river shouldn’t be underestimated. Everything was ok until it suddenly wasn’t.

“The flood defences were working well but once they failed everything was under water in a matter of minutes.”

The Cockermouth Emergency Response Group said on Facebook : ”The Cocker is running very high and we are on the ground there with pumps helping remove surface water at South Street.”

Councillor Marcus Campbell-Savours reacting to flooding at Keswick, said: “The last 24 hours have been quite nerve racking for people in Keswick....

“The Town Council’s and The Environment Agency’s investment in flood defences is clearly paying off and has once again shown real value for money....”

A fearsome weather front has moved across the country (


Met office)

Elsewhere in the UK fields were flooded near Ely in Cambridgeshire with more rain forecast in the next few days.

Tom Morgan, from the Met Office told The Mirror: “It is still very wet on Friday so there are still likely to be some residual problems with flooding in the north west.

“Honister pass has been far the wettest location in Cumbria. In 38 hours from midnight on Tuesday through to 2pm on Thursday, 357.6 mm rain had fallen.

"That is over a month’s worth of rain in 38 hours. It is an exceptional amount of rain to fall but not unprecedented in that area.

“Average October rainfall for the whole of Cumbria for a month is 168 mm. But in Keswick over that 38 hour period we’ve had 124.6 mm. And that’s around about a month’s worth of rain.

Some unlucky people have been stuck in their cars (


Jordan Crosby)

“Unfortunately there will be further rainfall warnings over the weekend and into next week.”

He said localised flooding may also be seen in South Wales and the South West on Friday.

“Other parts of the UK will see lesser amounts of rain but still enough to see some localised flooding problems,” he warned.

“There will be further periods of wet weather through Sunday morning and next week is generally quite showery with some longer periods of rain.”

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