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UK snow forecast: Up to 18 INCHES of snow to blast Britain in TWO WEEK bitter freeze

The chances of snow have soared in the next few weeks, with plummeting sub-zero temperatures expected. Weather charts show a rapid increase in snowfall from Saturday onwards. And it appears the snow will be sticking around for a while, with frosty weather hitting across the week.

WX Charts has shown Scotland will bear the brunt of the cold freeze.

The most brutally affected areas in Scotland could even receive a whopping 18 inches of snow by next Tuesday.

The North of England could also be hit hard, with heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures forecasted.

Snow could batter a number of cities including Manchester and Liverpool in a freezing blast.


UK Snow Forecast: Snow will assault the UK and 15 inches could fall (Image: Express)

Other parts of the country will experience cold temperatures, but may get away with mere flurries of snow.

The Arctic blast is set to wreak havoc, and transport could be affected as the snow covers swathes of the British landscape for the foreseeable future.

Viciously chilly weather is also expected, with strong winds set to thrash the country.

And the shock weather is set to last up to two weeks, with weather forecasts showing snow will only begin to dissipate on January 17.

Even then, parts of the Scottish Highlands will face approximately 10 inches of snow before the precipitation starts to melt away. 

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But the cold snap the country has faced appears to stubbonly remain.

The Met Office has released a yellow weather warning for severe wind this weekend which encompasses the whole of the UK.

The organisation warned of delays to road, rail, air and ferry transportation, as well as the small chance of damage to buildings.

They also issued advice for travelling in storms, rain and strong wind.

This includes planning ahead or choosing whether or not it is necessary to drive.

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UK Snow Forecast: Snow will batter the country in the coming weeks (Image: WXCharts)

UK weather forecast snow risk map

UK Snow Forecast: Netweather charts have shown the snow risk has soared (Image: NETWEATHER)

Two huge storms are also predicted for the country, with 80mph winds already reached in Scotland.

Current forecasts have predicted a “colder interlude” which will sweep snow up to the north.

Rain and severe gales are also expected in the west and northwest, with snow dipping down as far as Wales and Plymouth in a polar assault.


UK Snow Forecast: The Met Office also put out a weather warning (Image: Met Office)


UK Snow Forecast: Facts about snow (Image: Express)

However, parts of the country may experience a brief reprieve, or luckily, avoid the piercing weather altogether.

A long range weather forecast conducted by the Met Office said: “Colder interludes carry the risk of frost or wintry showers on high ground in the north, however these are expected to be short lived.”

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Glaze spoke of the potential for snow.

He said: “February is more famous for snow than storms - but computer models show an Atlantic barrage is on the way this month.

uk weather forecast snow map

Snow will fall as south as Cheshire and Derbyshire next week (Image: WX CHARTS)

“Stormy conditions are possible at the start and end of the week, and again in the following week.”

Meteorologist Alex Deakin also warned of the mammoth adverse weather which will hit the UK during the week.

He said: “Weather fronts are coming onto the scene on Friday night and into the weekend.

“The bigger picture means quite a dramatic change over the weekend.

“We could see a really powerful jet stream starting to develop at the end of the week, and that will drive areas of low pressure our way.”

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