Britain’s ‘hottest criminal’ has been jailed after a legion of women swooned over his mugshot and offered to help track him down.

Humberside Police shared the picture of Oliver Hargreaves, 29, in a desperate bid to recall him from prison.

Offering their services to capture him, one said: ‘I’m going to do society a favour and look for this man, keep y’all safe.’

Another said they would ‘keep him prisoner’ in a bid to kindly relieve Her Majesty’s Prison Service of the burden.

He was touted as Britain’s answer to ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks, who gained worldwide fame after his custody photo went viral in 2014.



In a show of bravado which no doubt got many fanciers hot under the collar, Hargreaves commented on the appeal, saying: ‘Catch me if you can’.

He may have given officers the slip after breaching his prison bail conditions in November, but the Humberside heartthrob’s arrogance ended up being his downfall.

After making the Facebook post officers were able to trace his phone’s location and arrest him.

He pleaded guilty to burglary and assaulting a police offer at Grimsby Crown Court on Friday, January 31.

Hargreaves was sentenced to three years and nine months for a burglary on November 3 last year, where the house was ransacked and a large quantity of jewellery was stolen from ‘devastated’ homeowners.

The thief was also sentenced to a 12 month consecutive prison term for assaulting a police officer causing actual bodily harm (ABH).

He was also given three months for assaulting a second police officer when he was detained at Birchin Way custody facility on 23 November.

Humberside Police’s Detective Inspector Kerry Bull said: ‘Oliver Hargreaves has frequently flouted the law and once he was out of prison continued his life of crime by committing the burglary on Trafalgar Park.

‘I am pleased to see the judge hand Oliver Hargreaves this lengthy sentence, not only to give his victims some assurance that he will be behind bars for years but it also serves as a reminder to offenders that if they assault our emergency workers and officers we will do everything we can to bring them to justice.’



Hargreaves, of Goole, East Yorkshire, is no stranger to dodging the long arm of the law.

He went on the run from North Yorkshire Police in 2014 and taunted authorities with his ‘catch me if you can’ jibe back then as well.

But officers had the last laugh when they raided his home and caught him napping.