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UFC star Sean Strickland reveals ‘weird neo-Nazi, white supremacist’ past and got kicked out of school for hate crimes

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has revealed he went through a 'white supremacist phase' when he was a teenager and was 'kicked out of school for hate crimes'.

Strickland, 30, has made headlines over the last few months with a number of disturbing social media posts.

MMA fans began questioning the American's mental state in August after he revealed he wants to 'kill somebody in a fight'.

He admitted: “I was really f*****g angry.

“I was so angry I actually went through this weird neo-Nazi, white supremacist phase when I was younger and I got kicked out of school for hate crimes, like all this crazy s**t.

"I was angry and I had a lot of f****d-up influences in my life that it felt so good to f***ing hate something.

"I would walk down the street with like a knife or a rock hoping to kill somebody.

"And when I started training I’m like man, you’re just f*****g angry.”


The Californian was exposed to the Neo Nazi philosophy by his grandfather, who he admits filled his head with 'crazy s**t'.

He continued: “My grandfather was like this big piece of s**t.

“When you’re a kid you don’t see that, you hero-worship. He kinda just filled your head with crazy s**t.

"You’re in seventh grade spouting off about Nazis, you don’t even know what the f**k that means.

"But you hear it from someone you look up to and that identity consumed me.

"Drawing swastikas walking to school, like I didn’t know what the f**k that was."

The in-form Strickland, who is 'ashamed' of his past, has grown to resent his late grandfather for brainwashing him with the hateful ideology.

He said: "Later my grandfather died and I kinda resented him for it. When you’re racist, you don’t get ahead in life.

"You’re f****d, man. There’s no privilege from being racist, so I resented him for a majority of my life.”

Strickland has yet to seek medical help for his recurring homicidal thoughts, although he doesn't foresee the UFC giving him the boot for being open about them.

He said: “I’m really nice when I meet people. If you’ve ever seen me meet somebody, I’m so nice, I’m polite.

"And I was like changing my tire and this guy walks by me and I’m like, ‘Hey, what’s up? Have a great day.’

"And he kind of gave me like a head nod, and as I’m talking to him I’m thinking about taking this f***ing tire iron and f***ing splitting his skull open.

"And it made me so f***ing mad because here I am, I know what I want and I’m trying to be f***ing nice to you to make up for my thoughts, and you’re a f***ing d**k. It’s like, man, it makes me wish I could have did it.

“So again, I’m not worried about it, if someone were to cut me for that. How can you cut someone for that?”

Strickland was due to be back in action against former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold next weekend at UFC 268 in Madison Square Garden.

Rockhold, however, was forced to withdraw from the bout due to a herniated disc in his back.

SunSport has reached out to the UFC for comment.


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