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Tyson Fury’s dad John, 55, sends chilling warning to bodybuilder as he agrees to ‘gypsy fight’ in dramatic video

TYSON FURY'S dad John has accepted the challenge after being called out for a fight by a 56-year-old bodybuilder.

The bizarre fall out between two men who don't even know each other came after John himself challenged UFC chief Dana White to a fight.

The 55-year-old dad of the reigning WBC heavyweight boxing champion was fuming after White said Tyson would get "smashed" if he made a switch to the UFC.

But now a man called Theo Lewis, believed to be a former British bodybuilding champion, uploaded a video to the internet demanding a showdown with "Big John".

And clearly its a challenge the Gypsy King's dad is up forf as he filmed a response, chillingly saying that he will "knock his false teeth out the back of his head".

As shared by IFL TV, John, who wants it to be a "gypsy fight' says: "Just replying to a video I’ve just seen there. A bodybuilder wants to fight me.

“That ain’t no problem mate, don’t know you, don’t wanna know you.

“But let me tell you something mate, you’re messing with John Fury here mate and I am the best 50-odd-year-old man in the world. And I will stand on what I say mate.

“I’ll either fight you in the ring, which you can forget about that one pal, I’ve fought world class men in my time.

“Let me tell you this my old mate, I will fight you gypsy style, don’t you worry about that.

“I have never, ever denied a challenge in my life my friend. You’ve mentioned my name, you’ve gotta fight now.

“I’m all over London with the boxing. Make yourself known mate and you can have it there and then, on the spur of the moment pal.

“I don’t need training camps, I don’t need time to get fit, I’m 24 hours ready. I will fight you, get hold of my agent Spencer Brown in Blackpool who’ll sort it all out.

“I’ll fight you anywhere you want in the UK my friend, anywhere at all. And you’ll wish you never mentioned my name.

“Spencer Brown will be contacting your people, everybody knows me. I fear no man, let alone you. And pal, I’ve seen your sparring, you’re no good to me my mate.

“But listen I’ll fight you gypsy style because fighting’s too hard mate to do for free."

John then hinted that the two could fight to raise money during the coronavirus crisis, but slammed his rival for "trying to make a name for himself".

He added: “Let’s fight for a few quid. I know the NHS thing, God bless them they’re doing a good job trying to help everyone who’s dying.

“But you’re trying to make a name for yourself from somebody’s famous father.

“It’ll be the last thing you ever do mate because you know them false teeth?

“I’ll knock them straight through the back of your head my friend.

“So don’t you worry about that, you’ve gotta fight. Good day to you and God bless you as well.”

John Fury served four years of an 11-year sentence for gouging a man's eye out in a sickening attack.

A  12-year grudge with Oathie Sykes boiled over and John tried to gouge his foe's eye out in a fight at a car auction.

John, the self-confessed 'hardest man in Britain', broke down in court as he pleaded for a lenient sentence.

Tyson Fury says that Deontay Wilder is only taking the rematch fight for the money

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