A popular pub was forced to shut after being damaged during Storm Arwen.

The Gibraltar Rock, in Tynemouth, North Tyneside, was among the buildings battered by high winds over Friday night.

The pub's roof and a back window was damaged, with debris left scattered across the road in front of it.

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The area surrounding the venue was cordoned off on Saturday for safety reasons and the pub remained closed for repairs to be carried out.

In a message on Facebook, the team said: "Unfortunately we took one hell of a beating from Storm Arwen. Half our roof has been damaged and a big back window went.

"We are closing for at least today for the safety of our staff and the general public. We have been working through the night to try to get the place secure best we can. Nobody hurt thank god. Bare with us people and stay safe."

Bosses further added: "To say we are a little bit gutted and stressed is an understatement. We really don’t need this but it is what it is and as they say you can’t change the weather.

The Gibraltar Rock, in Tynemouth, was damaged in the storm
The Gibraltar Rock, in Tynemouth, was damaged in the storm

"Nobody has been hurt that’s the main thing. Police are here now tapping off the area and we are hoping to have a roofing company securing / repair the damage to the roof later today if the wind settles down.

"Thanks again and we hope to be open again as soon as possible. We will update all customers booked for today and let people know if we will be open tomorrow."

Storm Arwen caused major disruption across the North East, with homes, cars, trees and roads suffering damage. There was also disruption to rail services and flights.

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