The fuel crisis could be biting in West Lothian after two local garages reported they have run dry.

Jet garages in Winchburgh and Broxburn said on Tuesday they had no petrol or diesel available.

Edinburgh Live reported one frantic mum-of-two had to travel to South Queensferry to fill up her car.

The woman said she relies on her car to transport her autistic child to school as well as to visit her mother, who has MS, three times a day.

She said she had attempted to fill up her car after dropping her children at school but discovered to her horror that not only was the Jet Winchburgh garage out of all fuel but so too was the Jet garage at Broxburn.

The woman, from Winchburgh, said: “There is only one petrol station in Winchburgh and then our next closest one is Broxburn. But both of the petrol stations were out of fuel when I arrived.

“This meant I had to go to South Queensferry in order to be able to fill up the car. I drive a 2.2 litre so the petrol does not last long and we rely on the car as a family.

“My daughter has autism and requires me to pick her up and drop her off from school each day. And my mother suffers from MS so I also have to care for her in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. Without petrol this is beyond difficult.

“I wish people would think about old people, or those who cannot walk, or carers and NHS workers. People need to stop filling Jerry cans and just fill up as normal and there will be enough to go round everybody.”

A member of staff for Jet confirmed that the petrol station on the B980 at Winchburgh and at Main Street, Newton are out of unleaded and diesel.

No update was given as to when fuel will be available at both stations.

Drivers are advised to call ahead to check if a petrol station has fuel in stock before they make the journey to fill up.

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