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TWO-THIRDS of women said they would NEVER consider proposing on February 29, study finds

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TWO-THIRDS of women said they would NEVER consider proposing on February 29, a study has found.
More than a third of women think the idea of them proposing on a Leap Year is 'completely out of date'.

And a mere 16 per cent said they are planning to pop the question this weekend.
Online retailer MADE.COM, which surveyed 728 women for the research, has produced a very special and limited range of customised pieces featuring quotes from two of the most fearless women in design culture, Iris Apfel and Barbara Hulanicki, as a wry wink to the dated tradition.
Hulanicki famously collaborated with the design brand on a popular textile collection featuring BIBA inspired motifs in 2017.
The quotes emblazoned on the products read: “You either do the right thing or the wrong thing, but you do it” and “I don’t have rules because I would only be breaking them” by Iris Apfel.

Other quotes used are, “We were selling a lifestyle before people really understood what that meant” and "Everyone wore coral lipstick, so we made chocolate brown” by Barbara Hulanicki
Apfel is the 98-year old iconic designer and Hulanicki is famed for being the Founder of the 1970s retailer BIBA.
A spokesperson for MADE.COM said: “Trivial tropes like the Leap Year Proposal seem archaic in 2020.
"We were inspired by Natalie Portman’s nod to the incredible female film directors overlooked at the Oscars, so we’ve created 29 of these cushions as a reminder that bucking a trend is style personified.
"It’s our quiet way of saying ‘you do you’.
"It’s interesting to see a third of the women asked, favour making their home a happy place, instead of investing time and money in chasing a relationship. Good for them.”
The poll revealed that half of those who had been proposed to said ‘no’ because they didn’t want to get married, and a third said they felt they were too young to marry.

But one in five know a female friend who has proposed to a man.
It also emerged that a third would prefer to spend their time, effort and money on creating the perfect home environment, versus investing in a relationship.
Head to MADE.COM/leap-year for your chance to win one of their limited edition cushions.

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