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Two fox cubs battle it out over a piece of chicken in stunning snaps


THE fur — and food — flies as a pair of fox cubs engage in morsel combat.

They were brawling over a piece of chicken but one spat chewed meat to distract the other in Esztergom, Hungary.

Photographer Zoltán Laki, 64, said: “Once the fight was over they kept playing as if nothing had happened.”

He said: “These battles are played so fast, so it is very difficult to take a photo that is sharp and clear.

"Foxes are nice animals, but keep in mind that they are wild animals and easily fight for food, even with their own sibling.

“My favourite shot is where they spit out the food. It was chicken wings and chicken liver mixed in, which one of the foxes had already chewed on which makes it look like some animal’s brains.”

“Once the fight was over, one of the foxes quickly came to and swallowed the food that was flying in the photo. And then they kept playing, as if nothing had happened.”

Zoltán spent hours waiting inside his pal’s bird sanctuary to capture this fox boxing moment.

He added: “I love these gorgeous animals because they are playful and sweet, have a beautiful coat and look great in photos.”

“They are smart, careful and cunning so it is not easy to create intimate moments about them.

Five furry fox cubs playing in the backyard

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