Some twin sisters were left 'petrified' after they found creepy 'hand prints' while staying in a hotel previously deemed the UK's 'most haunted'.

Lyndsey and Louise Scott, 21, were staying at The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool when they heard eerie noises and saw the super creepy hand print.

They visited the hotel with their friends Rosie Foster, 23, and Phoebe, who asked to only be referred to by her first name, on July 8 this year, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Dating back to 1914, Britannia's Adelphi Hotel has previously been deemed the UK's 'most haunted hotel', with guests claiming to have experiences paranormal occurences during their visits.

The twins went to the Adelphi Hotel with two of their friends
The sisters are ghost hunters

The twins and their friends booked three rooms at the hotel with the aim of capturing any ghoulish activities on camera.

In a video shared with the ECHO, the girls can be seen taking in the hotel corridors as well a dark and empty function room.

Some of the clips show the girls asking any supernatural presence to 'make a loud noise', before banging can be heard in the distance.

The girls also point to 'hand prints' on a mirror in one of the corridors, with what looks like a dusty hand print smeared on the wall close to the ceiling in one of their bedrooms.

Later in the video, the girls can be seen conducting a seance using an upturned wine glass and a candle lodged inside a tea cup.

The twins heard creepy noises while staying at the hotel
The girls pointed out hand prints on a mirror

The vlog-style video was shot not long after coronavirus restrictions were eased across the UK, and the girls can be seen exploring the cavernous corridors of the hotel with few other guests around.

Speaking to the ECHO, the twins said: “It was about a week after lockdown - after the lockdown rules started to ease. It added to the extra scare, but we did take precautions.

“We’ve always been fascinated with the supernatural. The Adelphi was the first [ghost hunting trip] we got involved in. It was a bonus that the hotel was once named Britain’s most haunted hotel and it was actually on our doorstep.

Dating back to 1914, Britannia's Adelphi Hotel has previously been deemed the UK's 'most haunted hotel'

“We’d read stories, so that did intensify the whole fear while we were there. It was just mad to read about it and be in that scenario. It was definitely scary, we thought like 'is this real?' You will get a few sceptics, but for us it was petrifying”