Twelve holiday hotspots have been tipped for the green travel list at an update later this week.

Analysis of vaccination and coronavirus rates by The PC Agency, a travel consultancy, has concluded that a dozen more countries are in contention for positive reclassification.

It is thought that Germany, Poland, Canada, Austria and Romania could be turned fully green at a government update in several days time.

PC Agency has also predicted that Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia will make the grade.

If they do, then it will be a major boost for families looking for a late summer holiday bargain.

Under changes brought in last month double vaccinated Brits can skip a period of isolation after returning from amber list countries.

However, even the completely non-jabbed can avoid quarantine on their return to the UK from a green list nation, meaning travel routes are significantly eased for young, unvaccinated people.

Travel to Canada would become much easier if the predictions are accurate (


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Experts say a further five areas currently on the amber list – Bhutan, French Polynesia, North Macedonia, Norway and Saudi Arabia – have low enough case rates to join the ‘green watch list’.

This alerts holidaymakers that certain destinations could be relegated to the amber list, where anyone not fully vaccinated has to self-isolate for 10 days on their return.

Before reaching for your credit card and passport details, would-be holidaymakers should note that such predictions are not an exact science.

The Joint Biosecurity centre is responsible for deciding which country goes on which list.

It looks at a variety of factors including variants in the country, coronavirus case and vaccine rates, how good that country is at genomic sequencing and how good the overall data in the country is.

Germany's coronavirus case and vaccination numbers are looking positive (


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Slovenia may also go green (


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The PC Agency's analysis focuses solely on coronavirus case and vaccination rates.

However, the Joint Biosecurity Centre is believed to be reviewing an initial long list of 77 countries as possible “green” additions, The Telegraph reports.

Ministers are due to meet on Thursday to decide the travel rules that will be in place for most of August.

Analysts have predicted that Spain could be the next country to go on the amber-plus list, in what would be a blow to British tourists given the country is the UK's most popular tourist destination, while France could be promoted to amber once again.

No 10 sources said it was too early to speculate on what changes might be made next week, and pointed to the decision to allow into Britain those fully vaccinated coming from the US and European Union as an example of Mr Johnson's own desire to see looser restrictions.

Under the rule, which came into effect at 4am on Monday, double-jabbed US and EU travellers do not need to quarantine on arrival into England.

A spokesman for the Whitehall department said the traffic light system was "kept under regular review" and "based on the latest risk assessment from the Joint Biosecurity Centre", which assesses the public health risk of international travel.