Donald Trump threatened to 'take care of those son of a b*****s', after people started spraying water in the air at one of his rallies.

The US President asked the crowd in Tampa, Florida if the people spraying the water were "friend or foe".

"Look at that," he said. "Boy, are they doing that on purpose? Are they friend or foe?

"Actually it went good, I felt water on my face. I thought where the hell is that coming from. They may be doing that on purpose.

"Let's find out if they're friend or foe, and if they're foe, take care of those son of a b*****s."

It's understood the water was being sprayed by a truck at the back of the crowd, in order to cool down attendees in the 30 degree Florida heat.

And the President's tone changed dramatically when he saw that the people spraying the water were hitting members of the media covering the event.

Laughing, he said: "Oh look, they're hitting the press. That's OK.

"There go the cameras. There goes a million dollars worth of equipment. Look at that. Wow. That's cool actually."

During the 2016 campaign the President repeatedly encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies.

At one rally he said he'd like to "punch him in the face" after his speech was interrupted.

At another, he encouraged supporters to "knock the crap out of them" - promising pay legal fees for anyone assaulting a protester.

Speaking today, he added: "I'll tell the media I have nothing to do with that. But it is sort of like, cooling."