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Trump slams Pelosi for sabotaging stimulus talks and says she doesn’t want to give out money before election

PRESIDENT Donald Trump slammed Nancy Pelosi for sabotaging stimulus talks and says he doesn’t think “she wants the people to get the money before the election.”

Trump’s remarks toward the House Speaker comes as Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin delivered a downbeat assessment about the relief bill talks – saying Pelosi had “dug in” and “significant differences” remain.

Mnuchin’s uncertainty came at the end of a week where Pelosi said she felt “optimistic” that both side were nearing an agreement on an approximately $2trillion stimulus package.

With no agreement in sight, the House Speaker still insisted that she remained optimistic, “You have to be optimistic in a negotiation,” she told MSNBC.

Munchin and President Trump said that if Pelosi wanted to compromise they could get a deal done before the election.

“I’d like to see the people get the money. I don’t think she wants the people to get the money before the election. I don’t think that’s a good point for her.

“Now we’re talking and we’ll see what happens but at this moment I would say that I actually think Nancy would rather wait till after the election,” Trump told reporters in an Oval Office appearance together with Mnuchin.

However, the finger pointing between both sides continued as Pelosi said a bill could be passed before Election Day if Trump “wants to” approve it.

“The biggest step forward… in the negotiation is, I think they’re about to embrace the science in a substantial way.

“We put pen to paper… we are writing the bill, and hopefully we will be able to resolve it… we could do that before the election if the president wants to,” the House Speaker said.

A deal before the Nov. 3 Election would likely result in a new round of stimulus checks for struggling Americans before the end of 2020.

In addition, aid will be allocated toward schools, unemployment benefits, state and local governments.

The differences remain the money toward schools and state and local governments – as Trump repeated his accusations that Pelosi just wants to "bailout” poorly run blue states.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has told his fellow Republicans that he warned the White House against striking a relief deal with Pelosi before the election.

Still, McConnell publicly said this week that if a deal is reached between Pelosi and Mnuchin and is supported by Trump, he would put the bill on the floor for a vote.

However, the chance of such a relief bill getting through both chambers of Congress are slim, with Senate Republicans hesitant on passing such an expensive package.

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