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Trump news - live: Giuliani ‘planning to get pardoned’ as president rages at his own party on Twitter

Donald Trump is reportedly considering pardoning his personal attorney - former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has led his disastrous legal challenge to Joe Biden’s election victory - before he leaves office in January.

The president continues to stew over his defeat on social media, even sharing a tweet that asks “why bother voting for Republicans?” 

The post comes amid a war of words with the GOP governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, and his Georgia counterpart Brian Kemp over their failure to overturn results in the president’s favour, despite Giuliani’s team failing to produce any credible evidence whatsoever to justify his claims of mass voter fraud.


‘You’ve buried the money’: Democratic senator rips Mnuchin for pulling key Covid lending programmes

Ohio’s Sherrod Brown has torn into treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin for withdrawing hundreds of billions of dollars from Federal Reserve lending programmes for use in buttressing the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“It looks like you and the president and others in the current administration are trying to spend your final days in office pre-emptively… sabotaging the next administration's efforts to clean up your mess,” the Democrat said in a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Tuesday.

“But you still work for the American people, even though I don't think you're acting like it, Secretary Mnuchin,” Brown said.

Griffin Connolly has the latest.

Senator Sherrod Brown lit into Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for withdrawing hundreds of billions of dollars from Federal Reserve lending programmes that have been used to buttress the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Bipartisan group of senators releases $908bn Covid relief bill proposal

Republican and Democrat lawmakers spent much of the Thanksgiving holiday trying to break the impasse on Capitol Hill between the two parties and believe they have at last come up with a bailout solution.

Oliver O’Connell has this update.

A bipartisan group of senators is unveiling a compromise $908bn Covid relief bill.


Rudy Giuliani reportedly seeks pardon from Trump

The president’s personal attorney, who suffered a torrid November leading Trump’s disastrous legal challenge to the election result, has reportedly discussed being issued with a pardon by the outgoing commander-in-chief.

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor and the man leading Donald Trump's legal challenge to the 2020 election, is reported to have had discussions with the president about obtaining a pardon.


All Americans ‘will be vaccinated by June’ with two Covid jabs available to some by Christmas

Lieutenant general Paul Ostrowski, Operation Warp Speed’s supply, production and distribution director, appeared on MSNBC last night and offered an optimistic take on the prospect of coronavirus vaccines riding to the rescue.

Gino Spocchia has this report on what he had to say.

‘We will have over 300 million doses available to the American public well before then,' added official


‘A plain and simple grift’

That’s how Rob Flaherty, Biden’s digital director, reacted to the news that the outgoing president has raised more than $170m from his poor bamboozled supporters since election day.

James Crump has more on Don’s new “slush fund”, which was supposed to be bankrolling his legal challenges but looks more likely to be used for paying off campiagn debt, as revealed by the smallprint on his own site.

Joe Flaherty, digital director of Joe Biden’s campaign, calls fund ‘plain and simple grift’


Obama jokes about Trump’s golf

Appearing on "The Later Show with Stephen Colbert", Barack Obama was asked whether he had a golf game arranged with the incumbent president.

His answer? 

“I do not,” he said, before adding: "Listen from what I understand he’s actually a pretty good golfer. I understand that shockingly enough there’s sometimes problems with the scoring. And whether he’s keeping track of his strokes."


US sanctions Chinese firm over alleged actions in Venezuela

The US Treasury has imposed sanctions against the company China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation (CEIEC), alleging that it has helped the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro to erode democracy.  

In a statement, the department said the Chinese firm had supported the Venezuelan president’s "efforts to restrict internet service and conduct digital surveillance and cyber operations against political opponents."

Venezuela responded by branding the move “illegal” and claimed the measure was designed to isolate the country and its people.


US arms sales to UAE draws criticism from rights groups

Twenty-nine rights groups have asked Congress to block the sale of $23 billion worth of fighter jets, missiles and drones to the United Arab Emirates, saying it will lead to the worsening of the humanitarian crises in Yemen and Libya.

Seth Binder, who works at the Project on Middle East Democracy, said: "The hope is to stop these sales altogether. But if that is not possible in the short term, this sends an important signal to the incoming Biden administration that there is a diverse group of organizations that oppose delivery of these weapons."

Three senators have proposed legislation to halt the sale. Even if this passed through the Senate and the House of Representatives, it could still be vetoed by the president, unless it had two-third majorities in both chambers.

On Monday, the Democratic senator Chris Murphy tweeted that it was “hard to overstate the danger of rushing" through the sale. 


Trump shares posts asking ‘why bother voting for Republicans?’ ahead of key vote that could decide Senate

Here’s Gino Spocchia on the president’s vengeful and short-termist Twitter attacks on GOP governors, which risks alienating support ahead of the Georgia runoffs on 5 January.

President launches attacks on his own party despite two decisive Senate races in Georgia next month


Trump now has as many flagged tweets as he does Electoral College votes

Here’s Greg Evans for Indy100 on the president notching up as many censored tweets for undermining democracy as he scored EC votes from the states.

Although the US election was now nearly a month ago and Joe Biden’s win was confirmed 24 days ago, Donald Trump is still complaining.

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