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Trump humiliation: POTUS ‘less admirable’ than Chinese President as Obama leads world poll

The US President was also placed lower than his predecessor, Barack Obama, in YouGov’s recent poll. The study asked 45,000 people from 42 different countries and territories to rank the men and women they admire the most.

Former President Barack Obama scored the highest, placing him at the top of the men’s list.

Mr Obama overtook the American billionaire Bill Gates for the most admired man in the world for the first time since the poll began in 2014.

His wife, Michelle Obama, also maintained her position at the top of the women’s list.

But Mr Trump only ranked 15th place on the men’s list which was one place down from last year.

Donald Trump at White House

Donald Trump has been ranked lower than Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin and China’s President (Image: getty)

China's President Xi Jinping

China’s leader Xi Jinping ranked third place in the world’s most admired men (Image: getty)

The YouGov poll was taken between January and March this year.

Participants were questioned from countries that have more than seven-tenths of the world’s population.

They were asked: “Thinking about people alive in the world today, which [man or woman] do you most admire?”

A second round of studies, which finished in September, was then taken with a list of 20 men and 20 women.

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Barack Obama outside the White House

Donald Trump was placed lower than his predecessor, Barack Obama, in YouGov’s poll (Image: getty)

People were asked to make a selection of who they admired most from the lists.

Mr Trump came second in the US and third in Africa and Vietnam.

But the US President only beat Mr Obama in one country, Russia, where he ranked 11th ahead of the former president’s 15th position.

China’s leader Xi Jinping ranked third place in the world’s most admired men with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin ranking 12th place.

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Michelle Obama smiling

Michelle Obama maintained her position at the top of the women’s list (Image: getty)

Mr Xi returned to his third place which he held between 2015 and 2017.

But Mr Trump fell behind both his counterparts in China and Russia by ranking only 15th in the world.

In a statement, YouGov said: “Barack Obama’s rise in the rankings is mirrored by Donald Trump’s fall, with the current US president slipping one spot to 15th place globally.

“The former president tops the global list in 22 of the 42 countries and territories surveyed, including the USA.”

The third politician ahead of the US president is India’s prime minister Narendra Modi who took fourth place on the list.

Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump fell behind both his counterpart in Russia by ranking only 15th in the world (Image: getty)

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk rose the most on the list by climbing four places to ninth most admired man in the world.

Ahead of him is football star Cristiano Ronaldo who took sixth place.

On the women’s list, Queen Elizabeth II rose by one place to be the third most admired woman in the world.

Her Majesty also ranked as the most admired woman in the UK, taking first place with an admiration score of 23.29 percent.

Mr Trump’s wife and First Lady of the US, Melania Trump, scored 19th on the world's women’s list ahead of American TV host Ellen DeGeneres who took 20th place.

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