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Trump ‘continues to pose a keen threat’ to US democracy, says impeachment witness Alexander Vindman

A former National Security Council official whose testimony about former President Donald Trump’s contacts with Ukraine’s government led to the president’s first impeachment trial unloaded about the continued threat he believes Mr Trump poses to the republic.

Speaking with The Washington Post for a discussion coinciding with the launch of his book, “Here, Right Matters”, retired Lt Col Alexander Vindman excoriated Mr Trump over the events of 6 January and explained that he believes the president has “done more damage” to the US than just about anyone else in recent history.

“He’s an enormous threat,” said Mr Vindman. “I can make cold, hard calculations about the threat...former president of the United States Donald Trump poses. He continues to pose a keen threat based on propagating this lie that the election was stolen, in fact, he was the one trying to steal the election”.

Mr Vindman added: “He’s a vile man that has done more damage to the United States than any other leader in recent U.S. history.”

The Independent has reached out to the office of Mr Trump for comment.

Mr Vindman left the NSC in July 2020 following his testimony to congress about Mr Trump’s activities, citing bullying and retaliation from members of the Trump administration. He previously served as director for European affairs.

Mr Trump claimed to have never met Mr Vindman in a February 2020 tweet that simultaneously accused the military officer of being “very insubordinate”, causing his superior to file a “horrendous report” about him. The former president famously demonized members of his administration and the broader White House and military spheres who criticised him in any way following their respective exits from his administration.

The 45th president survived both impeachment efforts launched by Democrats over the Ukraine scandal as well as the attack on the US Capitol earlier this year, though his second impeachment trial ended in the most bipartisan support for a presidential impeachment in US history.

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