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Trump blasts ‘orchestrated effort’ to anoint Biden as winner and says Joe ‘can’t be president’ in 46-min vid

DONALD Trump lashed out at the "orchestrated effort" to anoint Joe Biden as the presidential winner, claiming "bad things" happened in the 2020 election.

During his lengthy address on Wednesday, the president claimed that dead people were allowed vote in the 2020 race and claimed counties have more registered to vote than they have citizens.

"I just keep on going forward because I'm representing 74 million people - and in fact I'm also representing all of the people that didn't vote for me," Trump said.

"The mail in voting scam is the latest part of their (Democrats) four-year effort to overturn the 2016 election. And it's been like living in hell."

"They don't want America First – they only want power for themselves

"Now I hear that these same people who failed to get me in Washington have sent every piece of information to New York so they can try to get me there."

Experts, state and county leaders, and election officials have reiterated that there is no evidence of the widespread voter fraud Trump has repeatedly claimed.

World leaders have congratulated the president-elect, who has already established a coronavirus transition team – but Trump has yet to concede as of December 2.

The outgoing president complained about the election results taking weeks and vowed that he was "going to defend the [integrity] of the vote by ensuring that every legal ballot is counted."

He claimed the Democrats filled out ballots of people "not knowing if they were going to show up" before decrying the Dominion Voting Machines.

"We have to go to paper," he said. "The only secure system is paper. Not these systems that nobody understands although the people that run them, I think they understand them very well."

"Frankly, when you look at who's running the company ... where are the votes counted – we think the votes are counted in foreign countries," he added, claiming that every district that uses the system has to be carefully monitored.

After launching over 40 lawsuits in battleground states – the majority of which were dismissed by judges – Trump pledged to find out "what went on with an election that we won without question" after Biden beat him.

He also referenced the Georgia runoff election on January Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler and decried the use of the Dominion system there.

'There difference is we will have our eyes on it," Trump claimed. "We have to win those Senate seats.

"It is statistically impossible that the person – me – [who] led the charge lost," he continued, saying that "fair and honest" Pollsters were needed.

"Detroit is totally corrupt," he raged, claiming there was a vote dump at 6.30am one morning and alleging that election officials in Georgia "didn't check signatures."

"They found thousands and thousands of votes that were out of whack," he said. "The recount has to be a recount where they check the signatures otehrwise they're just rechecking the same dishonest thing, it won't matter.

"The signatures on envelopes are the only thing that matters ... we will find that many thousands of people signed these ballots illegally."

Trump claimed Dems used the pandemic as an excuse to mail out tens of millions of ballots and claimed "there is no one happier right now than China."

The outgoing said all of this means that you have to "overturn" the election and said the election was a "total catastrophe," indicating that he hoped the Supreme Court judges would "do what's right for our country."

"Maybe you'll have a re-vote but I don't think that's appropriate," he went on. "I very easily win those swing states."

The race has been called for Biden by major news outlets including Fox News since November 7.

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