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Trisha Goddard says she still hasn’t found out who her biological dad is after her mum took his identity to her grave

TRISHA Goddard revealed she felt 'betrayed' by her mother who never told her who her biological father was.

TV chat queen Trisha Goddard opened up to Piers Morgan on his Life Stories programme about feeling angry towards her mother.

Trisha revealed she did not figure out that the man she thought was her biological father was not until she was about six years old.

But her mother passed away before telling Trisha her dad's identity and relentless research on her part has brought her no closer to the truth.

"I felt very angry towards Mum. She could have told me," she told Piers.

"And there were excuses like 'I wasn't ready, I wasn't stable, then I was in the public eye" and what have you.

"But I don't think I would have judged her. But it made a huge difference growing out. I mean, you know, something's different."

Trisha explained she figured out her dad was not her biological father because she looked so different from her sisters, "in every way".

"From what I liked and what I did. I remember walking around holding my dad's hand, singing - there was a hit called ‘I Want to Be Bobby's Girl'," she said.

"I used to walk around singing 'I want to be Daddy's Girl’. I mean, I idolised my dad and I think as I grew older, I don't know what was going on between my parents, but I could always sense it."

Trisha tried to indirectly questioned her mother about her parentage, but she would always be dismissed.

But it was when her own children figured out the truth, that she realised she needed to look into it.

She explained: "I remember when Mum was dying, she died at home and Dad - he is still Dad to me - nursed her.

"And we left and I took the kids up the road to, they must have been 14 and 10 [years old] up the road for snack or something.

"And they were looking at each other and looking at me in like, 'shall we tell her?' And I said, 'tell me what?'.

Her children said to her: 'Oh, Mummy, we went up to Nanny's bedroom and we got Grandpa's hairbrush and we got some of this hair for you so you can do a DNA test’.

"And I thought, my god my kids have even picked up on it," Trisha added.

"I don't remember discussing it with them. But it was always an issue. It affected me dreadfully in my life. I can't tell you how much it affected me."

A friend of Trisha's mother revealed to the TV star that she once told her dad someone she'd a fling with "at the West Indian Club".

"I've tried to track down that West Indian club. I have looked through the ship's logs and what have you," she explained.

"But I'd like to know for my health, like where my cancer comes from, I've got health things, like my eyes. I remember saying to Dad, I look just like mum. And he said, no, you don't."

Trisha admitted wanting to find out more about herself through an ancestry test "to know more about where I come from".

Trisha has been based in America since 2010, when she started working on talk show Maury, as a conflict- resolution expert.

She presented a US version of her own talk show, named The Trisha Goddard Show, from 2012 until 2014.

She has also battled back from breast cancer after being diagnosed in 2008, and dealt with depression, but now says she is as happy as ever after finding a new man.

She is keeping his identity secret but has been living with him in Connecticut, US, since March last year, when the pandemic struck.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories airs tonight at 9pm on ITV. To catch up on the series, visit ITV Hub

Trisha Goddard opens up on overcoming most difficult years on Piers Morgan's Life Stories

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