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Trial of Leyland couple charged after severely injured puppy found buried alive in a field has been delayed

The trial of a couple who face animal cruelty allegations in connection with a puppy being wrapped in a bin bag and buried alive has been adjourned as one of the defendants arranges legal representation.

Spencer, a nine-week-old Pomeranian puppy, had suffered two fractured limbs before he was buried, and later had to be put to sleep, Preston Magistrates' Court was told.

Spencer had to be put to sleep

Spencer had to be put to sleep

Inga Ozola, 43, of Seven Stars Road, Leyland, denies causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal between April 24 and 27 last year by burying the animal while he was still alive.

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Ozola and her partner, Arunas Venslovas, 50, also of Seven Stars Road, Leyland, both deny failing to ensure Spencer received appropriate veterinary care for his injuries.

The trial of the Latvian couple, who were assisted by interpreters throughout the proceedings, was due to start on Thursday, but Venslovas applied to delay the case as he had attended without representation.

Spencer suffered two broken legs

Spencer suffered two broken legs

He has since obtained legal aid but further arrangements need to be made.

Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Carmel Wilde accepted it was potentially an imprisonable matter, but indicated he should have done something about it sooner.

However the bench agreed to the adjournment and the case will now take place on April 27 and 28. A case management hearing will take place on February 25.

The case comes after a dog walker's pets had sniffed out a mound of disturbed earth in the middle of a field off Shaw Brook Road, behind Worden Park, and discovered Spencer's head poking out.

He had a broken front leg and a broken rear leg and was unable to walk or move.