Trevor Lawrence is the new face of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and it’s great to see him in London for the first time.

Meeting him this week, I was very impressed. Obviously you hear a lot about him, he’s been covered so much on his way to the NFL, and we know how much talent he has.

But speaking with him, what I heard was what a true leader he is. He has those leadership qualities you look for in a quarterback, and he’s the kind of guy that can lead an organisation.

You can just tell this is not too big for him. He’s ready for the challenge and he’s the future of this team.

He’s had a tough start, as expected, but he’s getting better every week, which is the key. Like I told him, your next game is always your best game and that’s the biggest thing for a rookie.

Trevor Lawrence showed he is a true leader and can be the face of the Jaguars franchise (



Lawrence will be playing here in London every year from now on with the Jaguars, so it would be very special for him to remember getting his first win here.

If he can get his first win against the Dolphins this weekend, and be the first rookie quarterback to win here, it’d be a great moment for the UK fans to look back at the launching point of his career.

It’s not going to be easy, because the Dolphins have nothing to lose, just like the Jags. These are two teams that are struggling, but sometimes that can make for the most entertaining games.

It’s like two boxers in a fight and both are desperate - they’ll be swinging for the fences and doing anything to avoid getting back on that plane with another loss.

Can Trevor Lawrence get his first win in London? Have your say below!

Trevor Lawrence could win his first NFL game in London against the Dolphins (


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Both teams won’t hold anything back in terms of their play-calling and aggressiveness. For whoever wins this, it could be a turning point going into the bye week.

For whoever loses, they’ll be in a really tough spot so they’ll be doing everything they can to make sure that doesn’t happen.

ONE TO WATCH - Trevor Lawrence (Jaguars)

All eyes are on the No.1 draft pick. He’s improving every week, and it’d be incredible to see him get his first NFL win here in London.

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