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Traditional glass milk bottles to make comeback in bid to cut plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions


TRADITIONAL glass milk bottles are back — in a bid to cut plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions.

Shoppers who buy the pintas in Morrisons return the bottles on their next visit.

The glass containers are collected and sanitised to be reused — and can last for ten years.

It is a throwback to when milkmen left bottles on doorsteps and picked up empties.

Only about three per cent of UK homes have milk delivered now compared to nearly half in the mid-90s.

The supermarket has begun trialling the 90p pintas in seven stores in Kent and four around Sheffield.

It should result in 40,000 plastic bottles being removed from these branches per year.

CO2 will also be cut as delivery comes from local suppliers — meaning the milk will travel a shorter distance.

Morrisons packaging manager Natasha Cook said: “We are talking to other local dairies and hope to roll out glass milk bottles across the country.”

Steve Hynd, from the green campaign group City to Sea, said: “It is great to see Morrisons pioneering the process.”

Man Utd star Bruno Farnandes enjoys a bottle of milk after leaving the pitch

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