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Toy Story fans all have the same thought as ‘the real Buzz’ unmasked in first Lightyear trailer

THE FIRST teaser trailer for Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story spin-off movie Lightyear is now out, and fans are all losing their minds. 

The 3D computer-animated action-adventure flick serves as a definitive origin story for the human Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear, the hero whose escapades inspired the action figure of the same name. 

The studio’s 26th animated feature to date, it reveals how a young test pilot (voiced by Chris Evans) became the Space Ranger that fans of the hit franchise know and love today. 

The trailer offers the teensiest glimpse of a film excited fans had been dead keen to know more about, giving a first look at a very different and more youthful version of Buzz.

It shows the test pilot boarding a spaceship before dramatically blasting off at galactic speeds into infinity (and beyond?).

He then storms around a huge burning star before the cam cuts to a montage of scenes of Buzz on another planet.

There, the hero interacts with some clunky droids - strangely including what looks to be a talking robot cat - and escapes the tight grip of a purple alien tentacle. 

Right at the end, Buzz smiles as he looks upon the red, white and green space suit we’re used to seeing him wearing. 

Other than that, and a cheeky taster of an electrifying soundtrack featuring David Bowie’s hit Starman, little is given away in the teaser.

However, it managed to get fans fired up, and they zoomed over to Twitter to share their excitement. 

One wrote: "This looks really good. Love the use of David Bowie Starman's song, perfect for this teaser. Nice to see the human version of Buzz. Looking forward to seeing what this movie has in store”. 

Speaking for millions of Toy Story lovers, a second added: "Bro... my inner child just jumped for joy”.

While a third rocketed in to say: "The trailer for Lightyear looks, in a word - incredible. Every time Pixar brings out a new film, I'm blown away with the developments in the CGI. And with Chris Evans at the helm, you know it's gonna be good. Can't wait to see it”.

Lightyear is released on 17 June 2022.

Buzz Lightyear acts like a toy but believes he is a real space ranger in Toy Story plot hole

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