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Towie’s Diags breaks down in tears as he opens up about brother’s life-threatening brain aneurysm

TOWIE favourite Diags broke down in tears as he opened up on his brother's "50-50" chance of survival prior to surgery for a terrifying brain aneurysm.

The reality show stalwart was seen getting understandably emotional as he talked about Jack's condition to best mate Chloe Sims.

Talking of his sibling's current condition Diags, aka James Bennewith, said: "He's fine now, he's out of hospital.

"The operation went well, he had the aneurysm removed and he had a malformation of blood vessels on his brain and he had them removed.

"He's speaking fine now, he's got his speech back," to which mum of one Chloe responded: "Oh thank God."

Towie's Diags began to choke up as he added: "But obviously when you look it up and there's 50-50 chance of whether you're going to make it or not it was proper f**king ..." as Chloe chipped in: "Don't cry - cause you know I'll cry back!"

He candidly admitted: "I took for granted spending time with my brother where I'd just pass it off... do you know what I mean?"

Chloe, now welling up top, could only manage a nod as he continued: "Don't take, can't take it for granted.

"If it's your family especially."

Salon-owner Chloe, who wore a striking orange blouse with eye prints for their filming together, confessed: "Honestly Diags I know we joke around all the time but I love you.

"When I knew you were going through that I thought 'f**k if it were me and one of my siblings I would fall apart, but you were so strong, and obviously I'm so grateful that Jack's alright."

Diags, wiping away a tear, concluded: "When you realise you might lose them it's proper f**king scary but the worst of it is over, so it's just his recovery now.

"It's just f**king amazing I am so happy he's back."

Earlier this month, The Sun Online reported Diags' horror as Jack was rushed to hospital straight into eight-hour surgery to save his life.

At the time, the 29-year-old took to his Instagram account to discuss Jack's frightening ordeal and thanked Addenbrookes Hospital for saving his sibling's life.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the reality TV star revealed he was unable to visit his younger brother in hospital while he recovered.

Celebrating Jack's discharge from hospital, Diags wrote: "He’s coming back home, after suffering a brain aneurysm and two bleeds on the brain... then having to have a brain operation for eight and a half hours, all by himself as Covid means you can’t even visit the ward!

"He’s finally coming home, so here’s to the strongest geezer I know my brother @jackbennewith1... 

"Thank you to everyone at Addenbrookes Hospital for saving my brother and thank you to @georgina_kellyx for taking him to hospital that day!" he added.

The ITVBe star then urged his followers to not delay seeking medical help if they are feeling unwell.

He concluded: "If you ever feel unwell or being sick, headaches, stiff neck please go get checked out because you never know what it might be."

What is a brain aneurysm?

TOWIE star Diags has opened up on his brother's condition after being operated on for a brain aneurysm - but what is this?

According to charity Headway, a brain aneurysm or cerebral aneurysm, occurs "when the wall of an artery or blood vessel in the brain is weakened, causing it to swell into a blister-like shape."

The website adds: "As aneurysms grow, they put pressure on the surrounding tissue, which can cause a variety of symptoms."

It is vital to seek hospital treatment as an aneurysm could rupture at any time.

Some effects of a brain aneurysm include:

Diags was catapulted into the spotlight when he joined Towie in 2012 for season 4.

Before joining the reality show, he was already good friends with co-star Joey Essex, having known him since the age of 13.

He has previously dated fellow Towie star Fran Parman, and he's appeared on Celebrity Ghost Hunt.

Towie's Fran Parman and Diags suffer awkward reunion after she reveals she's lost 10lbs on new diet

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