Labour has published its own strategy to end violence against women and girls as it accused the Government of failing to protect victims.

The Opposition accused ministers of treating victims of violence as "an afterthought" because they are yet to publish a strategy to tackle the crisis.

Last week, the Queen's speech, setting out the Government's legislative agenda, pledged that "proposals will be brought forward" but did not set out details.

Labour has published a policy paper setting out proposals to toughen sentences for rape, stalking and domestic murder, and review sentencing for all domestic abuse.

Whole-life tariffs for those who rape, abduct and murder a stranger would be introduced as the party seeks to define what it would be like in Government.

Shadow justice secretary David Lammy said: "The Conservatives are failing to protect women and girls from violent criminals, which should be one of the first duties of any government.

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy said the Tories were failing to protect women
Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy said the Tories were failing to protect women

"With record low conviction rates for perpetrators of sexual violence and an epidemic of misogyny that makes women and girls feel unsafe, this Government is treating victims of violence as an afterthought."

Misogyny would also be made a hate crime under the proposals, while a specific offence of street sexual harassment would be created.

Breaches of anonymity for an accuser of a sexual offence would carry custodial sentences and a survivor's support package would be introduced to improve court experiences.

Boris Johnson has been under pressure to act in the wake of the killing of Sarah Everard after she was kidnaped while walking home from a friend's flat in March.

But the Prime Minister is yet to publish a strategy to tackle violence against women and girls, which is expected by the end of the year.

Shadow domestic violence and safeguarding minister Jess Phillips said: "There have been too many warm words and far too little action from this Government."